MRFF Ally Padre Steve, a Retired Navy Christian Chaplain and Combat Veteran Excoriates Repugnant and Ignorant MRFF Detractor Who Defends Blatantly Christian and Unconstitutional Memorial

Look i had to send you this email after the shit i just read on krdo.. are you people seriously that fucked in the head to where you want a memorial removed that honors a soldier whom was that religion?? This “removal” of monuments and history and shit is going wayy too far, yall need to chill the fuck out and worry about more important shit like if the worlds going to exist next year becuase of the fucktard yall voted for has got us on the brink of a nuclear war and if that doesnt happen the next recession. Open your eyes and close your asshole man, you are being “unamerican” with your rhetoric and shit. Grow up

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

To junkyardpup,
Your malevolent & moronic message only reflects on yourself & reveals a foul-mouthed fool who has nothing better to do with his time & life than hurl hypocritical hatred at fellow Americans he does not know over a situation he knows nothing about.
It is “unamerican” when a well-intended young Eagle Scout (i.e. a minor) is used as a pawn by adults, intentionally or ignorantly, to unlawfully proselytize their version of religion on government owned & maintained property as government endorsed when that has been unconstitutional since 1st Amendment ratification in 1791.
“Hate ultimately harms only the hater.” – SOCRATES
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (80% Christians)

Response from MRFF Supporter Commander Steve Dundas, Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy (Retired)

You are certainly the Chatty Cathy aren’t you? I am an associate and friend of Mr. Weinstein. In fact I am a combat veteran and Christian Chaplain who just retired from the military after a combined 39 years, four months, and six days of service split between the Army and the Navy. I am also a trained historian.

I get to read and respond to many emails from people like you written to Mr. Weinstein. Most writers are profoundly ignorant of what Mr. Weinstein’s organization does. It looks out for and defends the religious rights and freedoms of all Military personnel as set forth in the Constitution and laws of our country. About 96% of his clients are Christians and certainly is not on any crusade to wipe away public vestiges of Christianity or any other region.

When it comes to things like Monument’s Monument, there are legal restrictions on what can be placed on publicly owned land to include cemeteries, parks, town squares and my God even traffic circles. There are also laws regarding the use of the seals of the military departments. They cannot be used to promote any political cause, or advocate for any particular religions, especially on a monument sitting on public land. In this case they adorn a monument that proclaims an exclusivist Christian message regarding both Christ and military personnel. First, Jesus Christ blesses no nation’s wars and to link him to the military or military conquests is almost Nazi like, the whole “Gott mit Uns” thing. Christ did not die to make America great. I say that as a Christian and an American veteran. Likewise, the message leaves out the countless numbers of American servicemen and women who were of other religions or had no religious beliefs whatsoever.

The fact that a private group erected it to help a Boy Scout become an Eagle Scout takes nothing away from its illegality. I am certain that when the young man came p with the idea to honor veterans in the cemetery that he as no idea that what he was doing violated the law. Unfortunately the adults in the Scouts and on the City Counsel should have consulted a Constitutional lawyer before this idea ever came to fruition. Anyone with half a brain could have advised the Scout that to be placed in a public cemetery that it could not be sectarian in nature. They could have advised him to use words like “Dedicated to All the Men and Women who Served in the United States Military, especially Those Who Gave Their Lives defending Our Nation.”

However, I am probably talking above your comprehension level, so let me put it this way. Your letter was vulgar, unseemly, profane, and demonstrated an ignorance about our history and laws that is all too common today. Likewise, for a person appearing to defend God and the Christian faith, your language shows that you have no clue about either. But, to be kind you come across as more of an uneducated buffoon than most people I respond. You can barely communicate in the English language and cannot write a proper sentence. How you survive in the world is beyond me.

My God, I am not trying to be rude or insulting but have you no decency, self respect, or sense of right and wrong? Do you not see your anti-Semitism? Do you not see how the rage reflected in your words can provoke violence?

I beg you for your own sake to get help, receive proper spiritual counsel, and go back to school to improve yourself, your ability to communicate, and to learn about our Constitution, laws, and what it really means to be an American. In fact, you could learn a lot about that from Mr. Weinstein.


Commander Steve Dundas, Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy (Retired)

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  1. Jeff

    Nothing is more un-American than “Name Withheld’s” profane rant claiming that the memorial at issue, erected in a public cemetery for service members of all faiths and none, is only for Christian service members. The Bill of Rights applies to all – not just Christians.
    That is what the MRFF is fighting for, and that is what the USA is supposed to be about.

  2. Patriot Pastor

    Next thing you know is Mikey will call for Confederate flags be removed from flying over Confederate cemeteries in the South. I am glad I will be moving soon to a southern state where people are more civil, God is worshiped, where the lawless executive orders from a fraudulent president will not be obeyed, and where you do not need a permit to carry a firearm. Molan Labe!

  3. Paula

    Dearest pp–Did you hear?? The confederacy LOST! They were/are losers. It is interesting you so rabidly associate with the losers. Your drivel is full of lies, misrepresentations, and arrogant nonsense, but from your characterization of the current president of the United States, I can tell that your narrative is not one of a true American, but one of an anti-American fool. “lawless executive orders”–I am sure you referred to drumpf’s executive orders with the same derision, right? It’s fascinating that your praise for “the south” is directed toward permit-free toting of deadly weapons, not educational institutions, healthcare, law enforcement, citizen involvement, or cleanliness–yet another indicator of your ridiculous “values.” Go south, please. You are no asset to decent society.

  4. Tom O

    “Next thing you know is Mikey will call for Confederate flags be removed from flying over Confederate cemeteries in the South.” Not likely: the Confederate flag is not a religious symbol (not to us anyway, although you theocrats tend to like symbols of authoritarian repression, and to align yourselves with those who worship money and power.)
    ” I am glad I will be moving soon to a southern state where people are more civil… and where you do not need a permit to carry a firearm.” Which states have the highest rates of violent crime in rural areas and small towns?

  5. G

    Molan Labe! You are really insulting the Spartans by using that phrase. At least, they had honor compare to people like you. People like you would have fled from the Thermopylae pass at the mere sight of seeing the Persians.

    “God is worshiped, where the lawless executive orders from a fraudulent president will not be obeyed,”

    Fine, then I guess it is okay for the rest of us not to obey executive orders from a president that you like but the rest of us don’t like. Two can play that game.

  6. Linda Johnston

    I am sorry for your narrow view.

  7. Alan Fiene, Chaplain (CPT, USAR, Ret.)

    Thank you Brigadier General Compere, for your service AND your words in response to that vile-language filled letter; and Thank you, too to Chaplain (CDR, Ret.) Dundas likewise.

  8. A.L. Hern

    To junkyardpup:

    WHAT is there about the concept of PUBLIC LAND that belongs to ALL taxpayers, many of whom do not share the religious sentiments engraved on that memorial, that you don’t understand?

    All you’ve served to accomplish is reinforce the the conviction that sometimes the military exercises the bad judgment of accepting the enlistments, and admitting to its service academies, people of, shall we say, very limited intellectual gifts and even less tolerance for others’ beliefs and sensibilities.

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