Dear Mr Mikey Weinstein,

I just wanted to write you a brief letter of gratitude. I was most impressed from my first phone call to your office, which was answered after duty hours, as well as your immediate emails and phone calls directly from you the very next morning. I sensed your urgency in your communication with me, I do not take for granted having direct access to your cell phone, You helped me see that each second and minute counts, rather than prolonging things hours or even days. It is evident to me how much you truly care for our men and women in uniform as well as those who formerly served.
Thank you for understanding the stress and pain that my family survived due to religious and/or racial persecution while serving as an Active Duty Air Force Officer. I learned that when it comes down to it, there is no wingman, and commanders could not care less about our well being, as long as they don’t have a suicide occur on their watch to make them look bad. They’re just looking out for themselves and their own career progression. They’re less worried about taking care of their subordinates, and more worried about covering their asses especially if someone could be a threat to their career progression. They are afraid to stand up for their troops and would rather go along with their chain and unjustly prosecute to the highest extent possible. 
As you know, my family and I are still suffering PTSD from our experience while in the military. I only wish that I had learned of your foundation earlier so I could have reached out sooner, especially during the times I was all alone, enduring hell. Thank you for helping us make things right and may JUSTICE be served.

Very Respectfully,
(MRFF Client’s name withheld), Lt Col (Honorably Discharged), USAF

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