Lunatic Bats**t Crazy "Moonbattery" Blog Maligns MRFF: Monument Pushes Back Against Anti-Christians

Published On: April 2, 2021|Categories: News, Top News|4 Comments|
bat in front of the moon

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  1. Grey One Talks Sass April 2, 2021 at 11:49 pm

    If you want to know what’s in the mind of the insurrectionists, moonbattery is the place.
    In my opinion, the arguments presented in their posts are fact free emotional outbursts of violence and fear. The comments by the readers are textbook examples of…. well, I needed to wash after reading their filth. Yuck!!
    Suffice it to say the humans represented on the site celebrate racism, misogyny, and the violence porn we’ve witnessed here ad naseum at MRFF. So much violence. So much enjoyment at the thought of gunning down their opponents.
    Toxic. Just toxic.
    FYI – as a practitioner of For The Good of All And May It Harm None I will destroy an enemy who comes for me but I take no joy in the act for to harm another is to harm myself.
    It would be easier if the other side – those who follow the ideology embraced by moonbattery – would learn that equality for all doesn’t take away their rights, it just removes their privilege. And that (privilege) is the key to the whole thing. There are new children in the family and they, being the only child for so long, just can’t handle the concept of sharing.
    I’m fairly certain the gent these Christianists say they hold as their lord and savior said one or two things about love and sharing. If only there was a book where his words were recorded….

  2. Black Robe Patriot April 3, 2021 at 11:44 pm

    Grey One,
    It seems like you are becoming a senile as our fraudulent president. I do not read any misogyny in their comments at all. I do agree with Anitfa and BLM want a fight, since they are armed now, we are armed and we will take them out if need be like the communists and domestic terrorists they are. I know there are a lot of good ol boys in the south, just hankering for another civil war we know they will not lose. This time they will not be fighting the north, but communists and domestic terrorists in BLM and Anitfa, who want to destroy this Constitutional Republic given by our Founding Fathers.

  3. Grey One talks sass April 4, 2021 at 6:20 am

    Black Robe Patriot aka insurrectionist aka you precious soul,
    When I read your comment all I could see is a human who lives to discriminate looking in the mirror and declaring they don’t see discrimination. Self aware you are not BRP.
    Oh, by the way, regarding your claim of President Biden as a fraudulent president. When all you have is personal attacks you enter the debate already losing. Where’s your evidence of fraud? 60+ cases adjudicated in the US courts tell me you have no idea of which you speak.
    Where are your receipts (aka facts) which is what the world requires these days instead relying on Voices of Authority who are in it for the money (looking at you Sidney Powell). If your side had any facts they would have been presented. Instead the Voices you listen to lied. I believe there are a few guidelines concerning falsehoods. Pretty sure it’s important – top ten even.
    I feel for you, I really do.
    OK – maybe not. LOL

  4. G April 4, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    Black Robe, where is your proof that BLM and Antifa are armed? With regards to our Republic, it is the right-wingers that have been destroying our country for the last 40 years.

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