You and the MRFF are nothing but anti-Christian bigots

You and the MRFF are nothing but anti-Christian bigots and this article has nothing to do with Islamophobia which does not exist in the first place. Muslims and Jews are just mad that we stole one of yours for Jesus and that she will now have eternal life whenever the Lord chooses to take her. There was a disclaimer anyway on this article.

May the Lord bless and use her greatly to carry forward the gospel of Jesus Christ to her fellow soldiers and all those who come in contact with her!


(name withheld)

“We recognize no sovereign but God, and no king but Jesus”


Blood covered Jesus on cross with text - This Jew Died For You


There is no such thing as Islamophobia if anything Islam has a phobia about anything not Islamic.

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  1. Grey One Talks Sass

    First time I’ve been able to see the attached photos while on my phone and what do my eyes perceive? It’s barbecue sauce Jesus and a lie presented as truth without a clue as to its over the top hypocrisy and irony.

    – It is the right of every individual to question a religion which claims to be peaceful?????

    – Women treated as second class citizens???!

    Oh, my aching sides. Whew. I laughed so loud I bothered the dog!

    It truly is sad that the letter writer doesn’t understand the damning terms used to demonize others can be accurately used to describe themselves.

  2. Sage on the Hudson

    “Muslims and Jews are just mad that we stole one of yours for Jesus and that she will now have eternal life whenever the Lord chooses to take her.”

    “We stole”? You said it, I didn’t. The fact is that Christianity is a religion based on stealing; it has as many adherents as it does precisely because it bully, threated, lied and killed to advance its agenda. As proof I offer the examples of the Crusades (all eight of them), the Inquisition, the Spanish Inquisition (the two were different, the latter being much worse than the former), the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, the innumerable wars fought over the legitimacy of Protestantism over Catholicism and vice versa, the and the pogroms carried out against Jews in Poland and Russia. Oh, yes, we mustn’t forget the Nazis and the Holocaust.

    Have I forgotten anything?

    Even stripped of these extreme expression of “Christian devotion,” the unavoidable fact is that Christianity got where it is by making promises those promising knew full well it couldn’t keep, like “salvation and eternal life.” Really? Okay, prove these things exist. You say they do and, as in a court of law, the burden of proof is on YOU. We’ve been asking for that proof for centuries; none has been forthcoming, either because you can’t or won’t provide it. As a consequence, you lost this argument centuries ago.

    To be fair, that’s true for all religions, including the one in which I was brought up, because religions were created by a small cabal of men to control the lives and wealth of a lot of other men and women for that cabal’s benefit and enrichment.

    At least Judaism doesn’t proselytize. Unlike Christianity, it’s never held a sword to anyone’s throat to get him or her to believe, or made those false promises about enrichment in this life or rewards in an afterlife. Never has, never will. THAT’S why, after nearly 6000 years, there are still so few Jews in the world, giving bigots like you a small, easy target to oppress.

    Oh, by the way, the Prophet Muhammad and Islam wouldn’t exist until roughly six centuries AFTER Jesus’s death, so, no, you DIDN’T steal “one of theirs.”

    And who is this “she” you refer to, anyway?

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    Sage, I’d add to your list the Salem Witch trials (more about eliminating strong women and any property she may have owned than religious conversion) and the forced indoctrination of First Nation children to learn Christianity and the English language with heavy punishments if the child spoke in their native tongue.

    Christianists like to paint a pretty picture about their religion. It is too bad for them that reality has the receipts to document their less than Christ like actions.

  4. Jeff

    More recent examples, added to the above: all of the regulations promulgated by the previous presidential administration at the behest of Christian extremists that made it legal to discriminate against Jews and other minorities under the pretense of religious conscience, the banning of transgender individuals from military service also at the behest of the same, and the forced reversal of the acceptance of a Humanist chaplain in the Navy (that the Navy had accepted) at the behest of many Christian members of the U.S. House and Senate, and the Vice President, after consultation with extremist Christians.

    Of course, “Name Withheld” also forgets to acknowledge that most of the board and clients of the MRFF are Christians who do not hate their own religion. They simply respect the religious beliefs of others and believe that the constitution and military regulations apply equally to all citizens and others in the US military.

  5. Ironmoped

    To be clear, the writer implies the whole reason for human existence is to be used by God to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ so we can have eternal life with Jesus when he chooses to “take us!” Hmmmm, as creators of Universes go, he isn’t too bright is he? He puts us here when he could have just put us in Heaven to begin with, and forgetting redemption, concocts a magical mystery to sell us by knocking up another man’s virgin bride (against his own strict rule for us), kind of a “do as I say not as I do” kind of guy, and to show us he loves us, nails the poor bastard to a cross, where he dies and makes his way after death to be with his adulteress father while we’re given chocolate Easter eggs and bunny rabbits to help remind us to multiply like rabbits with anyone we can! Typical delinquent rather, knocks up a married virgin bride and then skips town leaving Joseph to have to care for him! I always felt sorry for Joseph. Comes home from a hard day at work and his virgin bride says, “Hey Joe! Guess what? I’ve got news! I’m pregnant!” Too funny. Should be an SNL or Monty Python skit!
    Regarding the young lady Moslem convert, good for her! In Islam, the man gets 72 virgins but the women get their husbands back! Couldn’t Islam have thrown in a couple of Chippendales for the women! Damn! Talk about a man’s world! But, it’s 72 virgins more than Christianity offers! Not that I concur, just sayin! And of course, Christians worry more about the next life than they do this one. I mean, they say they’re proliferation when they really mean they’re pro-birth! Ask a Christian what they propose to do about those kids born into poverty, living in broken “Christian” homes without the resources to live a full and productive life, or children born with congenital defects that God chose to let go to full term? Christians don’t want to take care of those kids, they want them there to support the for-profit prison industry, the “Incarceration Industrial Base!” But I digress. If you’re going to allow the United States Army to publish stories about conversion from Islam to Christianity, then let’s publish the feel good stories about those Christian awakenings to Atheism! To the years of torment and anxiety suffered under Christianity. You don’t need any religion to figure out that this ain’t no dress rehearsal and we’ve got to get it right in this life!

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