Fabulous response from MRFF supporter to MRFF’s 2021 Mid-year appeal message: “I very well recognize that your broad and tireless support – protecting EVERYONE in uniform and their families – is critically important.”

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Hi Mikey,

Some years ago I shared in a brief story to you and your organization of my experience while in the U.S. Army being forced to choose from several religious denominations for imprinting on my dog-tags. When I had enlisted (ca. 1980, primarily due to a poor economy with little prospect for good work), I was already a reasoned (and reasonable) young man in spite of having been indoctrinated my entire life in a fundamentalist christian home and church family. They too had early designs towards creating from our United States a Christian nation (fitted with all the condemnations that could be wielded against “others”). Even as a child I recognized that this was counter to our Constitution so I never could reconcile the clear differences between their nationalistic goals, the “teachings” of “Jesus” and the founding principles of our nation. I had been, and remained an atheist.

I was quite disappointed that, at that time, neither “atheist” nor “none” was an option to me. I had to choose “no preference.” Such a choice was degrading, demoralizing, and disrespectful of my right to declare my allegiance to my country without requiring me to lie about it.  I shared that story with you because of my appreciation for the work you and MRFF have taken on. You called me the following day and spoke to me for a few minutes and explained to me the MRFF mission and the reason for your passion to continue. That meant a lot to me then, and still does, especially so because I see the good that you and MRFF do for service members, their families, and ultimately – our country.

We’ve never met, but still I tend to consider you a friend – along with the other fine people at MRFF. I very well recognize that your broad and tireless support – protecting EVERYONE in uniform and their families – is critically important. Thank you again!

(name withheld)

P.S. I’ll be submitting my donation of support shortly. Cheers

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  1. ironmoped July 14, 2021 at 7:58 pm

    To Name Withheld,
    Similar story, “no pref” on the dog tags, USMC, 1972, age 17. Of course, I wasn’t as smart as you, I didn’t know I should have been offended regarding a proclamation as an atheistic point of view, I just knew I didn’t “believe.”

    Very well written note. Thanks for sharing.

    Most of the “Christian” idiots that spew their vitriol in the form of MRFF “hate mail,” in their ignorance, simply don’t have the mental capacity to think beyond the end of the latest religious bullshit that they pay money to hear every week. The foundation is obviously very weak or you wouldn’t be hearing the vitriol against Mickey in particular.

    In general, “what looks like a resurgence of religion [in the United states in particular] is actually the anxiety of the religions in the face of increasing secularism and the functional dominance of the secular world outlook.” A.C. Grayling

    It won ‘t be long. The Christian God will go the same way as all the thousands of other Gods before it!

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