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Published On: June 1, 2021|Categories: MRFF's Inbox|1 Comment|

Dear Mr. Weinstein:

My name is (name withheld), in Pensacola, Fl. I read your remarkable letter penned to the president, & was so moved by its content.

This country has successfully voted, impeached, & removed an authoritarian figure  who destroyed the moral fiber of this country. 

Alex Stovall has no business being a member of Government, with his views. Trump is amoral, has groped women, paid monies to women for ‘favors’, cheated; & this appears to be acceptable. In addition, he has called our military “suckers & losers’ though he never spent a day in, & cheated to stay out!  It defies logic that anyone could or should support someone who calls them that.

I endorse & support you. I would like to become a part of the movement in honor of my brother: PFC (name withheld), 101st Airborne, killed in the line of duty, in Vietnam (1965), so that his death will not have been in vain.


(name withheld)

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  1. Mikey Mouse June 9, 2021 at 5:19 pm

    If I could vote for Stoval for Congress I would. You want to talk amoral, Biden is a pedophile, constantly touching women’s and little girls hair, whispering in their ears, talking about a little girl who crosses her legs and looks 19. What man would say things like that but a pedophile, and one who needs to have his genitals fully cut off or best yet, given the death penalty which all pedophiles and child rapists deserve.

    By the way, Biden is an illegitimate fake president and if soldiers who take their oath seriously, would march into the oval office and arrest him and march him out of the oval office.

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