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Response from MRFF Supporter Rabbi Arthur Flicker

Dear Mikey
Among the many myths spouted in attacks against you is the idea that the United States is a Christian Country. I have read the Constitution numerous times. As you well know, nowhere is found the word Jesus, or Christ or Christian. Unfortunately, even graduates of the Air Force Academy, who took an oath to that Constitution, don’t seem to know that fact.
Today I did a memorial service for a Jewish vet who died a year ago. It took place in the Jewish War Vets cemetery here in Albuquerque. More than 150 Jewish service members are buried here. 
This vet had served as a medic in the 101st Airborne. On D Day, he jumped behind enemy lines and then fought in the battle across France into Germany. He suffered back pain for the rest of his 95 years due to the injuries he received. 
A few years ago, I had the honor to visit the US Cemetery at Omaha Beach. There are rows and rows of crosses. But in nearly every row are Jewish stars and sometimes Muslim Crescents. Buried in those hallowed grounds are not only people of all religions, but also all races, all nationalities and also all sexual orientations. 
So, I remind those who say this is a Christian Country, that they can spout their bigotry and lies because of the blood and service of people of many other faiths who paid a price you, fortunately, did not have to pay.
Thank you for the hard work of the MRFF
Rabbi Arthur Flicker

Proud Veteran

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