MRFF-Exposed Army Reserve Officer and GOP Candidate 1LT Alex Stovall Thumbs His Nose at Army Investigation; Keeps On Lying that He’s a Chaplain

Published On: July 1, 2021|Categories: Featured News, News|1 Comment|
Chaplain Stovall campaign ad with photo of Stovall in uniform and the text Meet the 26 year old Army chaplain taking on AOC

Army Reserve officer 1LT Alex Stovall has been under investigation for over a month for multiple violations of military regulations and Article 88 of the UCMJ (“Contempt toward officials”). With the investigation near its completion, 1LT Stovall cockily tells  One America News (OAN) he’s confident he’ll be exonerated,  saying of the general who will sign off on the investigation’s results:

“I was actually part of the unit that she was a part of overseas, so we share that rapport, so I don’t anticipate her trying to  do anything that would harm or defamate [sic] my character.”

Arrogantly confident in his ability to flagrantly violate military regulations with impunity, 1LT Stovall continues to lie in his political campaign, falsely claiming to be an Army chaplain when be is merely a chaplain candidate.


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One Comment

  1. Grey One Talks Sass July 1, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    The Christianists aren’t hiding anymore. Why else would 1LT Stovall say “I was actually part of the unit that she was a part of overseas, so we share that rapport…”?

    To me the 1LT is saying that since the General who oversees the investigation and he share the same flavor of faith, his sins are washed in the blood of their idea of Christ and therefore no consequences for his actions are necessary.

    If there ever was a clearer call for the expulsion of God before Country soldiers, this is it.

    And for those pearl clutching Christianists who come for my blood because I dared express an opinion, please understand the difference between the military person who swears an oath to protect our country while keeping their faith in their heart and the military person who joined the military to promote their flavor of faith first with protecting our country coming in at a distant second.

    Two different types of people and only the second sort won’t be able to tell the difference.

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