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Published On: April 18, 2022|Categories: MRFF's Inbox|2 Comments|

Veterans who actually live at the VA hospital long term assisted care do not leave to visit Walmart or any other store.. so we have no other place to shop for religious items. This is our hospital.. not yours. Mind your own business please.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

…actually, sport, that VA hospital IS MY hospital as well..!!!!…so it IS not only “yours”!!!…..I AM A VET!!…..….it just can’t violate the No Establishment Clause of the Constitution by what they sell….and they can’t just sell CHRISTIAN religious items to the exclusion of all other faith and non-faith “ teams”!!….which is what they WERE doing before we stopped them!!….….that may be SO convenient for you a as a Christian but not all vets are Christians, jack!!!….and OUR VAMC senior leadership agreed with MRFF and our 10 clients on this matter, 7 of whom ARE CHRISTIANS!!…get your damn facts straight first before you vomit your baseless accusations and become an asshole….Mikey W.  505-250-7727

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  1. A.L. Hern April 25, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    “This is our hospital..”

    No, sir, this is OUR hospital.


    An American Taxpayer (who pays for the operation of the hospital).

    PS: You want to buy religious items? Fine, buy all you like. There are countless firms selling said merchandise from whom you can buy online or through the mails, and will deliver right to your door. Nobody wants to stop you from buying the stuff, but it shall not be sold on property owned by financed by ALL Americans, including millions who do not share your beliefs.

    This is analogous to the misconception surrounding the U.S. government’s prohibition against citizens’ owning moon rocks. The only ones you may not own are those brought back to earth at U.S. taxpayer expense (i.e. from Apollo Missions 11-12 and 14-16). Any moon rocks that got here by any other means (Russian or Chinese space probles or blasted off the Moon’s surface by asteroid impacts and that eventually fell to earth) are perfectly fine.

  2. Tom O April 26, 2022 at 3:45 pm

    How many people, who didn’t already have a bible before, decide they need a bible after beginning a long hospitalization? Does that store sell EVERYTHING that a long-term patient in that hospital might ever need ?
    I learned a long time ago that when someone says “Mind your own business,” what they REALLY mean is “Don’t make me think about what I’m doing.”

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