Christian Air Force Academy grad and lawyer bothered that chaplain’s prayer in Jesus’ name at dedication of WWI memorial “was not inclusive of all who attended the event”

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Chaplain shown from behind praying to crowd

Mr Weinstein

I’m a lawyer and an Air Force Academy grad. I recently attended an event commemorating the end of WW1 and the dedication of a memorial to the soldiers and sailors who lost their lives In service to our nation.

There were sibling veterans in attendance and the local VFW Post presented the colors. The audience also included civilian townspeople. A Vietnam-era veteran was the guest speaker. A military chaplain, in uniform,  led a prayer. He ended it the way many Christian pastors do, “in Jesus’ name. Amen” I’m a Christian who sent my child to religious based schools and I’m a graduate of a Jesuit college and often signed school papers, AMDG (for the greater glory of God). I’ve studied the Constitution and value both the free exercise of my faith and the prohibitions against establishing any preferred religion.

The chaplain’s prayer bothered me because his prayer was not inclusive of all who attended the event. I sent him a note to say so. His response indicated that he didn’t think he could be open and candid with me because he was afraid that I’d share it with the MRFF or you. He did offer an answer that clarified that he was permitted to pray in his faith tradition, and that the audience was not military members who were obligated to attend. In my opinion, his explanation showed he was within the guidelines for chaplains.

It also showed me that the MRFF message is getting through to military leaders and to the chaplain corps. You’re making a difference. Keep up the good work!

(name and all other ID information withheld; emphasis in bold added)

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  1. Grey One Talks Sass May 15, 2022 at 7:28 am

    Just read an AP synopsis on the rise of Buddhist chaplains in the military. A very good trend.

    When I despair for our world I turn to the younger ones and see hope. They grew up watching us olds make all the mistakes. So glad many are avoiding our path.

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