Christian, Blue Star Dad, USAF Veteran, MRFF Supporter responds to nonsensical, repulsive, anti-Semitic attack on Mikey Weinstein, who writes “You and your kinsmen brought the ovens onto yourselves.”

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Cartoon of man smashing swastika with baseball bat

I’m not saying that we agree with the Russians all the time but they are right with when they say that Hitler was actually a jew and that the worst antisemites are usually the jews themselves.

That said Mikey Weinstein would be the worst antisemite in the world today for his and the MFFR’s vicious attacks on Christians in the military.

Keep it up Mikey and the MFFR. You and your kinsmen brought the ovens onto yourselves.

Your legacy of hatred for Jesus and His followers shows you all to be the true antisemites.

Heil Hitler=Heil Mikey=Heil MFFR

Response from Blue Star Dad, USAF Veteran, MRFF Supporter

To the anonymous author – 

Mikey has received your email and, as he sometimes does, has asked if I’d be willing to respond.  In addition to being a staunch MRFF supporter, I am a lifelong and active Christian, USAF Academy graduate, USAF veteran, and Dad of an active-duty military member. While I’m always willing to share my thoughts about the MRFF with critics, in this case it’s difficult to know where to start; your email is equal parts hateful and incomprehensible.  As well, I expect that, when I hit ‘send’ on my reply, I will receive a notice that you have hidden behind a bogus email address.  Not an uncommon occurrence among those who send this type of nasty, and frankly unintelligent, message to the MRFF.  The first clue to your cowardice is your anonymity.  But again, not at all surprising if only for the fact that you seem to have no knowledge of the actual mission, vision, and values of the MRFF.  Before I finish, I’ll also share my first-hand impression of Mikey Weinstein, since you have chosen to attack him personally.

The MRFF is a civil rights organization with a singular focus, as described in our Mission Statement.  We advocate for military members, “ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom to which they and all Americans are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.”  That means just what it says — ALL members.  Christian and non-Christian, religious and non-religious, believer and non-believer.  Still, it does happen that most constitutional abuses that we challenge are committed by Christians.  Namely, those misguided brethren of mine who wrongly believe the United States should be a Christian theocracy.  As long as that radical element of Christianity continues to push its wrong-headed, unconstitutional, and un-American agenda within the US military, there will be a need for the efforts of the MRFF.  

Lastly, to answer your unwarranted and uninformed attacks on Mikey Weinstein.  I know Mikey well and I can attest to his honor, integrity, courage, and unwavering commitment to the mission of the MRFF.  Sadly, he gets a lot of abuse from people like you who lurk in the shadows, but it does not dissuade him from his efforts.  And for those of us who proudly stand with him, it only strengthens our resolve, too.  I know from personal experience the type of man that Mikey is, just as I can deduce from your anonymous, hateful, ignorant email the type of person that you seem to be.  I will pray for you.


Mike Challman Christian,
Blue Star Dad, USAF Veteran, MRFF Supporter

Response from MRFF Supporter

What a vile, ignorant piece of human waste you are, Q follower, by sending to someone you’ve never  engaged with such a hate-filled message..The erosion of this country resides in such dark vessels as yours..  But our focus remains firmly grounded in the Establishment Clause, something I’m sure you are incapable of understanding..  I remain with Mikey and those dedicated to Foundation necessary work..

MRFF Supporter

Response from MRFF Board of Advisor Member James Currie

To Admin Quenon:

I have been asked by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to respond to your recent screed, though in and of itself it is not worthy of any thinking and caring person’s attention or response.

First of all, it is unclear to whom you refer in using the word “we,” although it is possible that you mean those pea brains among our countrypeople who embrace the QAnon group of dimwits and their beliefs.  Why anyone in the West would today be citing Russians as worthy of being followed and believed is beyond comprehension, but you did so in your thoughtless polemic. As a historian, I have read perhaps fifteen books about Adolf Hitler, and no reputable authorities believe that he was of any Jewish ancestry whatsoever. Hitler was, in fact, a marginal German who used the anti-Semitism of many Germans to build up his own political power. I would recommend any number of books for you to read, starting with The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, but I am confident from your email that reading anything is quite beyond your capabilities and that your desire for real self-improvement is non-existent.

Your email and its attack on MRFF demonstrate that you know nothing about the MRFF and its work. The vast majority of MRFF’s clients—a number exceeding ninety-five percent—are in fact Christians who believe in the separation of church and state enshrined in the First Amendment to our Constitution. Many, many devout Christians, Jews, Muslims and members of other religious groups are quite thankful that the founders of our country were wise enough to understand that a theocracy—you may have to look up the word—was not what we wanted and needed. They saw the religious strife that had plagued Europe through the centuries, including the recent Thirty Years War, and they wanted to spare the New World this significant problem endemic to the Old. They succeeded, and for that we can be incredibly grateful. I doubt that any group of politicians assembled to consider a Bill of Rights today would do half so well. So, we can be thankful for the wisdom of the men who drafted our Constitution and then immediately proposed ten amendments to it. They did well.

The MRFF embraces their work without hesitation, and you might, too, if you were not so hate-filled and ignorant.  If you knew anything about the heinous men and women we know as “NAZIs,” and if you knew anything about the terrible war crimes they committed while they were in power, you would never write or say, “Heil Hitler.” Your doing so only demonstrates your lack of understanding and your lack of learning. You should think about leaving our great country and emigrating to somewhere like Russia, where your views might be embraced.

Col. James T. Currie, USA (Ret.)
Board of Advisors, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

To the anonymous anti-Semitic, anti-American & anti-Christian attacker who possesses neither the courage nor conviction to provide a correct identity –

Your depraved & deranged diatribe reflects only on yourself & reveals only your hideous & hypocritical hatred. It is obvious you do not have the commonsense to comprehend that hate-mail such as yours only (1) encourages the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (85% Christians) to work harder to represent the military men & women (over 77,000 to date & 96% Christians) who requested religious freedom protection & (2) ensures patriotic Americans of all faiths & beliefs support our efforts.

“Hate corrodes the container it is carried in.” – George H.W. Bush (American military hero, Christian gentleman, Republican & President)

Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

P.S. See the attached

Response from MRFF Supporter

Accusing Jews of causing the Holocaust is an attempt to rub rock salt into a wound so large it can never be filled.  Most of us realize this and have become inured to the evil intent.  When our adversaries wish to cause us to bleed emotionally, they try to take us to these horrors.  Rather than to rise in anger, we understand the level of degraded humanity that produces these assertions.

These are self-same sort of people who would trip the blind for a laugh and mock the challenged because of their infirmities.  They would throw acid into the faces of their enemies if they could find the courage to stand before and confront them.

The only response to the cowards who throw around these sorts of images is to yawn and move on.  One is tempted to mock them by asking if they can’t find better things to do with their time than to Jew-bait.  But this is a waste of time and energy.  It isn’t worth descending into the pit of fecal matter that is their brain matter.  Better to just move on.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter

You signed off praising “Heil Hitler”,  which is an insult to all the brave American servicemen of all faiths who gave their lives fighting this monster.

How can you criticize others for their defense of freedom, when you  side with evil? 

Is this what Jesus would have done?

Think about this and repent

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter

I tried to send this with his email  in the to line but it kicked back as undeliverable as we knew that it would.
Shalom my friend and be safe.
(name withheld)

Dear you Cowardly Nazi Scum,
I don’t know who you are but I know that this is a fake email account. Posting anonymous anti-Semitic screeds that have no basis in fact in an attempt to threaten and demean a man who has based his life on protecting the religious and civil liberties of all Americans serving in the military. 95% of his over 77,000 plus clients are self-professed Christians.
The “Christianity” that you say he is “viciously attacking” are not about preach the Gospel, they are hell bent on using positions of command and military authority to establish a theocracy of Christian Nationalists to control the military and to deprive non-believers of their Constitutionally protected rights. And then there is you, probably a very insecure man with no knowledge of history and filled with hatred of the Jews attacks Mr. Weinstein in the most vile manner using a fake QANON email address. You are too cowardly to identify yourself as you throw out these mind numbing attacks.
Again, I don’t know who you are or where you live, neither do I care. But do not harass or otherwise threaten my friend again. I am sure that the FBI is better at tracking down ISPs of fake emails than me.
I am a Christian and I despise Nazis and anyone even remotely using their means to threaten Jews and American patriots like Mr. Weinstein. 
I am sincerely and completely disrespectfully yours,

(name withheld)

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  1. Lars Opland May 8, 2022 at 1:06 pm

    If “white trash” were in the dictionary, I’m sure we’d have this guy’s portrait to illustrate it.
    ‘Nuf said.

  2. TomO May 10, 2022 at 7:48 am

    Borrowing a phrase from Chris Rock: this guy isn’t “white trash,” he’s white toxic waste.

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