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Good afternoon Mikey and MRFF Team,

Thank you for your outstanding job today. After the joint MRFF/CAIR press release in regards to the Anti-Muslim Bigotry at Fort Polk, Louisiana, Brigadier General David Doyle, the Commanding General here at Fort Polk, Louisiana appointed an official Investigating Officer for my Equal Opportunity complaint of 1 June 2022. Maybe I will finally get justice! This is not a coincidence! I have not heard anything about the complaint in a week. Therefore, It is the fruit of hours of hard work of the members of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and CAIR. I believe that the right people in the US Army Higher Echelon received the clear message that MRFF along with CAIR conveyed today.  You are the voice of people with no voices. Your contribution to eliminate injustice within the military is simply impressive and breathtaking. Again, there are no words that can express my gratitude for the outstanding assistance that you provided.  May God bless the MRFF and its staff members. Thank you!


Ize Alimi, 1LT., U.S.Army/MRFF Client

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  1. Karen the rock whisperer June 12, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    I am 62 years old, was an electrical engineer out of college (BSEE), moved to Silicon Valley, and after two decades in the field, got an MS Geology. But that first job our of college was with a defense contractor (they were still in the Valley then). I worked on flight simulators for military aircraft for over a decade. After a few years, I started thinking (even in my twenties) as the people who would train on this equipment as My Kids. I met a few of them, installing equipment on site, and, well, they might have only been a few years younger than me by the calendar, but I’d been their age a decade previously. Difficult growing up, because of undiagnosed depression then. I’m fine now, but the situation causes one to go from childhood to adulthood in a couple of years.

    Still. My Kids. Speaking as a citizen, they’re all our kids, but their officers are also all our fellows, our compatriots, the people we rely on to treat them well and train them well. When those people drop the ball, because some of our kids aren’t Christians, it creates a deep wound. Not only for the service people affected, but for all of us who rely on them. They do every citizen of the US a profound disservice. I am so, so, glad, that MRFF can help.

    Because all the enlisted folks and brand new officers, all those brave people who get into a cockpit or a tank or a submarine or at the firing end of a weapon, who enter difficult situations with civilians involved and do the best they can, who bust their rears to support the missions from the base, who rely on senior officers to direct them and not dump on them…they are all, some 3.5 to 4 decades later, still My Kids. I support every religion (and lack of religion) that supports them, without discrimination and without reservation, as long as they respect everyone else’s.

    This is why I support MRFF.

  2. Epi June 13, 2022 at 9:49 am

    This article is worthless, does not explain how the young Lieutenant was discriminated against. There are always two sides to every story.

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