A somewhat colorful story from a USAFA grad, former fighter pilot, and MRFF supporter: “My bad OER”

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From: (USAFA Grad and former fighter pilot’s name withheld)
Subject: My bad OER
Date: August 5, 2022 at 2:34:40 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>


We just got off the phone a few minutes ago.

You guys are my heroes!

Just a silly story about a bad OER I got.

Morals . . . None.

It took me a while to figure this one out. I may have been guilty of any number of infractions, but I do pay my bills and wouldn’t do anything to screw over my fellow pilots, or anyone else on base.

It slowly dawned on me that I was living with 2 very attractive young ladies, only one of which was my wife. Everybody’s dirty little minds were just going to town.

How does one defend one’s self against such a charge? I concluded that it just couldn’t be done.

So I owned it.

Friday evenings after a hard week of flying I would finish just one beer at the O’club, then quietly announce “Well gentlemen, I gotta go home. I have duties to perform”.

I was a hero to the commanders, and a minor deity to the lieutenants.

The sad fact is that the whole thing was completely innocent, but I wasn’t going to let any of those people find out.

Best OER ever. Turns out there’s no better way to burnish the deeds of a fighter pilot in the eyes of everyone on base.

I retired 26 years ago with the rank of O5, after flying fighters for yet another decade or so. I have a treasure trove of silly stories of not so reputable things I did.

I trust that the statute of limitations has expired on all of them.

The point is, depending on any number of factors, a bad OER is not always a career killer.

Keep up the good work guys! The people you are helping out are much worthier than I ever was.

(name withheld) USAFA class of 75

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  1. Ironmoped August 6, 2022 at 6:57 am

    The pilot’s story about bad OERs has a caveat, that of being a fighter pilot! An Army ordinance officer or Air Defence officer doesn’t have the same “insurance” a fighter pilot does in terms of bad OERs. Bringing it forward, particularly in a time of severe pilot shortages, both in the military and the civilian sector.

    I’m of the opinion that the entire OER system of evaluation does nothing but create sycophants. If you ever want to know what a military officer thinks, just ask his boss. And if you want to know what his boss thinks, ask his boss’es boss!

    And of course, the military mantra is, “we want you thinking outside the box……., as long as you stay within the framework!”

    While one bad OER may not be career-ending, you don’t want one. That’s why these Christianity peddling Commanders are so toxic in our military.

    While this particular Commander has been “silenced,” in terms of his weekly prayer vigils, you can bet the whole chain-of-command is aligned against this pilot for having gone outside the chain, sunlight being the great disinfectant it is……for now.

    He may have won the battle but you know the proselytizing Commander’s bosses knew what he was doing in terms of his weekly “come to Jesus meetings!”

    He (the proselytizing Commander) should be relieved of Command and receive non-judicial punishment for the efficiency of the service, period. A “religious” Command climate is not healthy in our military. Of course, the Commander would think he was a martyr for his Lord and Savior, but his punishment would be for the imposition of his belief systems on others.

    How ’bout I insist on those under my charge that they meet with me to venerate the one true prophet of God Mohammed?

    Had the Commander been Muslim, you bet your ass he would have been removed!

    You having been a fighter pilot has baked in protection, and you know that. Most Officers don’t have that protection!

    Christianity is the only religion I know of that feels compelled to impose their delusional thinking on others, to the detriment of our secular military and ability to effectively prosecute our nation’s call to arms!

    The sad part of the story, imo, is where the spouse talks about raising three children in the positive aspects of Judaism and Christianity (not sure there are any attested by the rise of Christian Nationalism in this country). One has a Messiah, the other doesn’t. And both are deluded! One has a megalomaniacal God figure with a serious anger management problem and the other has the same God figure having gone through therapy and rehab! I hope the kids come out the other side as productive members of society.

    “Pitch for airspeed, power for altitude!”

  2. Don Tartasky August 8, 2022 at 4:31 am

    For the retired jet jock who got a bad OER:
    On the “Communication” block his rater wrote: This Officer’s communication skills are so superlative he seduces observers into becoming avid participants.

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