Veteran praises MRFF’s fast response and information regarding what we are doing to stop the Christians-only book displays in the Patriot Stores at all of our country’s VA medical centers and shares their thoughts about these unconstitutional displays

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Christian book display in VA Patriot Store

From: Veteran’s name withheld
Date: September 30, 2022
To: [email protected]
Subject: Christian Book display at the Martinsburg (WV) VAMC

When I sent an email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, documenting the Christian-only book display in the Patriot Shop of the Martinsburg (WV) VAMC, I did not expect to get a message back from them in less than an hour. Chris (the MRFF Research Director) explained what is being done about this situation.

As someone who was brought up in a Christian home, I find it outrageous and distasteful that corporations are profiting from the blatant commercialization of any religion.  As a veteran, I see the irony of the Veterans Administration—created to serve those who took the oath to “protect and defend the Constitution” — allowing that Constitution to be ignored in the halls of a hospital that takes care of those same people. 

Today, it was my pleasure to make a small monetary donation to this organization, which pushes back on these kinds of infractions that otherwise would continue the disregard for not only the law, but the sensibilities of veterans, patrons and VA staff.  

But obviously, not everyone is able to donate money.   

However, there is another way to contribute to this organization.  Contact them with your observations, your photos, your experiences in any military or VA setting that is clearly violating one of our nations’ most honored goals:  To respect and value all religious beliefs by not showing favoritism to any of them.

If you take the time to contact this organization, you will feel validated, supported, and inspired that someone else is working to make the difference you might have hoped you could do as an individual.  They can make you realize that the job, and the load, can be carried by us all, rather than by one person.  Forwarding your concerns to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation may be one of the easiest, and most rewarding, things you’ll ever do, for all of us.

(Veteran’s name withheld)

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  1. Tim Zerr October 19, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    I have seen, in at least 3 different VA clinics and hospitals, Evangelical Christian propaganda in the waiting rooms with no reading materials from non-Christian religious organizations. I first saw it in Greenville, SC VA clinic in the 90s and took it all and put it in the dumpster. I have seen this in other Clinics in the last few years and complained. Have not see any since the pandemic. I will be watching next time I go in to the VA, and if I see it I will complain, and if they do not comply, Micky will be hearing from me.

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