MRFF Advisory Board Member Pedro Irigonegraray responds to “USAFA Concocts Idiotic Lie MRFF Exposed” – “I applaud your courageous and consistent commitment to protect our constitutional rights.”

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From: Pedro L Irigonegaray, MRFF Advisory Board Member
Subject: Re: USAFA Concocts Idiotic Lie to Explain MRFF-Exposed “John 3:16” Proselytizing on Soccer Field Banner
Date: November 3, 2022 at 2:51:41 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>

Good afternoon Mikey,

I applaud your courageous and consistent commitment to protect our constitutional rights.

USAFA’s offensive disregard of their sworn duty to uphold the United States‘ Constitution is all the more offensive by their ludicrous attempt to cover up their blatant disregard of our rule of law.

It is inconceivable USAFA’s agents were not aware of the Christian religious implications their chosen numerical order clearly signaled. 
USAFA’s response should have been an acceptance of responsibility and a promise to hold accountable those individuals responsible to avoid this type of inexcusable behavior from occurring in the future.

Unfortunately USAFA chose to offer a patently offensive, obviously inaccurate and willfully ignorant attempt at an excuse.

I am very proud of you and the MRFF; keep up your invaluably important work.

Pedro Luis Irigonegaray,
MRFF Advisory Board Member

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  1. Cold_War_Vet November 4, 2022 at 7:51 am

    I must say that the overt Evangelical Christian proselytizing and failures to be considerate of other religions, as well as the absence of respect to those who are agnostics or atheists, by USAFA has truly undermined my confidence in the institution and its officer graduates. That such prejudices are openly practiced and encouraged among cadets – year over year – is disheartening. In my years of service (U.S. Army, enlisted) I experienced similar prejudices but on one-off instances, never so institutionalized. To see these egregious acts of disrespect, not only for the individual students, but for our Constitution, saddens and angers me to no end.

    Thank you, Mikey, and to every other contributor to MRFF for continuing to take a stand for what is both righteous and constitutional.

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