LA Progressive: “Moving Jesus to the Chapel” — In accordance with MRFF’s demand U.S. Merchant Marine Academy’s giant Jesus painting will be moved to Academy’s chapel

Published On: February 25, 2023|Categories: Top News|1 Comment|

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  1. X February 25, 2023 at 4:19 pm

    — At the USMMA Alumni Foundation facebook site a few days ago, the Foundation leadership posted its unequivocal statement of support for moving the painting to the chapel. Do the numbers of “likes” vs. “dislikes” for a Facebook-posted statement mean anything? If so, the likes (around 183 at present) outnumber the dislikes (about 46) by about 4 to 1. I was thinking the numbers would be reversed, and that the Christian Nationalist dreck would have far outnumbered the rational people. Perhaps there is a silent majority that just needs a little push to shut down the imbeciles. One can only hope. (All right, they probably need a big push.)

    — Many here and elsewhere have complained that, ‘No one objected to this painting for nearly 80 years. So what is the problem?’ At the Facebook site a high ranking EPA manager and female member of the Class of 1984 responded succinctly: “Nobody cared about this for 80 years because nobody cared about the feeling of religious minorities at the school then.”

    — As interested, see

    — The instant the Jesus painting lands in the chapel, I am calling this one “Game, set and match,” for MRFF and women and men of good will and reason everywhere. Forward to the next event.

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