More Vile Antisemitic Hate Incoming on MRFF Website: “Good job Hitler / #DeathToAllJews”

Published On: May 30, 2023|Categories: Featured News|6 Comments|
Dark image of hands on computer keyboard typing Retribution is coming for you hook-nosed freaks PS Good job Hitler hashtag Death To All Jews

“We are extremely good at what we do, but it comes with a cost. We are very, ahem, “unpopular” with the MAGA-infused, right-wing, fundamentalist Christian nationalist klan of religious extremist fascists, which presently makes up the overwhelming majority of the GOP. We hear from them with their vomitous diatribe of threats pretty much around-the-clock.” 

— MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

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  1. RepublicanslovePutin&hateAmerica May 30, 2023 at 10:47 am

    He sounds like a subhuman who needs a bullet in the head. Like all NeoNazi cancer blobs.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass May 30, 2023 at 1:37 pm

    See, as much as I despise Nazi’s, as an American I can’t agree with the sentiment expressed above, specially ‘a bullet to their head’.

    As long as a Nazi abides by the American social contract (ideally we each have the same rights and responsibilities bestowed upon us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights) then I must accept they live in the USA.

    Once a Nazi acts upon their ideological beliefs (meaning causing harm to another through hate speech, doxing, urging others to physical acts or doing the harmful deed themselves, legalizing their beliefs above others) the game changes and violence becomes the only answer.

    I’ve been studying WWII for a while, wondering how good citizens could go along with the mass death. I guess I should have wondered a bit quieter as We The People watch as the same sequences play out in the here/now.

    All Nazi’s have is hate. It oozes out of their eyes and ears, clogging their sight, blocking words of love. I’d feel sorry for them except for that whole wanting me and those like me dead.

    In the end I do feel sorry for them trapped in their two dimensional world. Not enough to let them out of the box they made for themselves but still….

  3. Ironmoped May 31, 2023 at 5:19 pm

    I wonder what their Jewish Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thinks of being referred to as a “hook-nosed freak!”

  4. Ironmoped June 2, 2023 at 4:41 am

    Let’s face it. There is no Republican Party in America. It’s gone! The Republican Party has been assimilated into, what Lauren Boebert calls, the “Ultra MAGA” party, the Religious Ultra MAGA Party (RUMP). And yes, it’s as shitty as it sounds! The party of plutocrats and oligarchs fueled by their MAGAT minions and Christian Nationalists in congress, an existential and National Security threat to this country, led by the autocrat himself, Donald small-Johnson Trump!

    As Boebert attests to herself, this is the party led by white Christian Nationalist bigots that want theocratic control of their proletariat masses in support of their megalomaniacal autocratic leader that foments the kind of vitriol you see in this writer’s hate-filled, anti-Semitic note to the MRFF. Boebert is on public record saying, “the Church should tell government what to do!” Really?

    As a legislative member of the United States government, she will be the first to tell you we need to get government out of our lives! So we should start with her! Send her home!

    If you want clean air, clean water, good roads, safe schools, health care, a society that takes care of its seniors and those less fortunate, police, fire and rescue, a strong military, R&D, technological breakthroughs, good transportation infrastructure, and a society built on true freedoms, then “Dump the Rump!”

    The creator of the universe doesn’t need help in creating the right conditions for the “2nd Coming!” Use just a little critical thinking skills the next time your pastor uses political speech to get your money. If your church leader says, “Folks, we need money for our youth program, or helping the needy, or growing our church,” then give them money. If your church leader says, “I need a new jet,” then find another church, because your being scammed! And Oh By The Way, the “End Times” are not near! Anyone that tells you that is not looking for your agreement, there looking for your money! So don’t be fooled!

    Let’s get rid of the hate being fomented by the RUMP, the new Republican Party.

    Vote and help get out the vote!

    Republicans – Out the Door in 24!

    The Ultra MAGATs breed the hateful rhetoric that this writer openly displays in his note to the MRFF.

    Contrary to popular belief, America is a socialist country, albeit a corporate socialism.

  5. Karen the rock whisperer June 3, 2023 at 6:33 pm

    These kinds of comments frighten me.

    I was adopted at birth in 1959, to conservative parents (she was Catholic, he was Lutheran). Mom was born in 1920. Dad was born in 1912, and served in WWII. So. Marinated in the US conservativeness of the time, and while I was growing up (and attending Catholic schools) on the US West Coast, my parents were upset that there were Catholic leaders in labor movements of the times, especially those of farmworkers, but also that religious leaders were in support of what we would now call social justice movements. I confess to keeping my head down, listening to my liberal Catholic nuns, and forming my own opinions. Then, my first job out of university (BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1980) I had what turned out to be the privilege of working for a flight simulator defense contractor who was still located in Silicon Valley until 1992. Doing that job for almost 12 years, becoming a lead engineer early on, I had the wonderful privilege of working with US military customer trainers in the process of making our simulators most helpful to them. When the company ceased its West Coast operations, I was too established in terms of family to relocate to the East Coast, despite financial encouragements.

    My point is, raised in an environment where Eisenhower was a liberal, and privileged in my first true engineering job out of university to support our nation’s military, I am completely baffled by the ultraconservative, conspiracy-theorist, Republican rabble-rousers of today. This didn’t start yesterday, either. In 2006, before he died, my lifelong Republican father was going to re-register as “Decline to State”–now “No Party Preference” here in California–because he was seeing the writing on the wall, and it scared him. This was an intelligent and perceptive man. His profession was an accountant, but he often operated as a financial adviser, and attempted to do so with great integrity. He lived his personal life the same way, with great integrity. Politically, he feared for his country, and sensed the decline of reasonableness as a governing objective.

    And so, when I read this garbage, I honestly fear a bit for Mikey and his family, but I know they understand the danger of the situation and how to protect themselves, though I wish they didn’t need to do that. It’s the bigger picture that terrifies me. This is my country, no less than the country of the honorable people who serve or have served in our military. I was born here, educated on the importance of my political involvement, and I vote and pester congresscritters. As I slide into the last couple of decades (if I can hope for so much) of my life, I fear for my country. I am afraid that we are sliding into a political morass where more and more people’s civil rights will be rejected, and that most certainly includes the right to serve our country without fear of that service meddling with religious beliefs.

  6. Ironmoped June 5, 2023 at 6:26 am

    Karen, I think it’s people like Mikey and organizations like the MRFF that inspire one to keep at it in terms of fighting-the-good-fight.

    It takes perseverance and the willingness to put oneself out there to save this country from the minority 25% MAGAT base that can’t see beyond the end of their noses regarding their support for a Trump dynasty of autocratic rule.

    it doesn’t take much to figure out what this country will look like with the MAGATs in power again, 600,000 lives lost in the pandemic, a Christianized military (recruiting is already way down), lack of healthcare, women subjugated to their role of “barefoot and pregnant,” forcing women to carry to term (including raped 10 year olds), the support of despots like Putin and Kim Jong Un, the undoing of regulations (except the ones that control women’s health care, $7.6 Trillion added to the National debt (tax cuts for the oligarchs their main objective), defunding law enforcement, the arming of school teachers in your child’s classroom, open carry for everyone, school prayer, ignoring climate change, empowering Christian bigots, increased poverty, privatized Christian education funded by taxpayers, the list goes on and on.


    Republicans – “Show them the door in 24!”

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