Active Duty Enlisted Service Member Grateful to MRFF for Helping Stop Christian Bible Counseling by Commander and His Wife

Published On: January 30, 2024|Categories: Featured News, News|4 Comments|
Open Bible in front of seated attendees

“I wanted to thank Mikey Weinstein and our base MRFF Reps very much for helping me to be able to make my commander and his wife stop providing “Christian Bible counseling” to me and my wife.

“We are fairly new to this military base and within the first week of our arrival our commander’s wife called my wife out of the blue to invite her over to their house for what was advertised as an informal “meet and greet” but was not. My wife was surrounded by other spouses of members of our unit and it was a full-fledged Christian bible study and “Christian counseling session” as the commander’s wife put it. My wife was shocked and hurt and made up an excuse about having to go to a dental appointment to get out of there early. She was asked to “witness” about her “current relationship” with Christ the moment she set foot in the commander’s house.

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  1. Ironmoped January 30, 2024 at 7:50 pm

    Another MRFF victory!

    Especially noteworthy given the Christian Right’s efforts (Mike Turner) to shut down the MRFF in the NDAA authorization having backfired, enabling the MRFF in its efforts to shut down this Christian bullying in our secular military!

    Service in the military is hard enough without the incessant “accept the Lord as your savior” or it will reflect on your fitness report/NCOER, etc.

    Show me that you pray to our magic man in the clouds or else!

    If this military member’s evaluation suffers, call the MRFF again! Don’t let these Christian bigots get away with the imposition of their magical thinking on, particularly, subordinates. They should be removed from Command, unfit to lead! The good order and discipline of the unit is at stake, their combat effectiveness diminished. This Commander’s actions are divisive. He’s created a unit that pits “Us” against “Them!”

    Get rid of this clown!

  2. Ironmoped February 1, 2024 at 9:26 am

    Baggage – According to the New-Times dictionary, it’s election campaign funds collected from MAGA Christians to pay legal fees. For Trump, in excess of $50 Million in 2023 alone!

    But, the good news is that MAGA Christians have a lot of money they don’t need for, you know, paying bills, church tithes, education for their kids, health care, border walls, opioids, in other words, living expenses. These are White Christian Nationals so they have lots of disposable income.

    The bad news is tithing to Donald Trump is going to go up with his pending $450 Million dollar plus judgements against him, $83 Million already assessed, the fraud case expected to be at least $370 Million. Ouch!

    Unfortunately, they’re not tax deductible, especially with the standard deduction what it is today, the average person will never get past standard deductions for itemizations.

    That’s before he even gets to campaign money, the cash price for a Presidential election these days days running well over a Billion and a half dollars!

    Y’all are gonna have to dig a little deeper! Donny needs a LOT more money from his base, particularly with the remaining criminal indictments against him.

    I understand Trump is gonna sell some more NFTs, the one expected to bring in the most money is where he’s got Uncle Sam bent over a welfare table, giving him one from behind, in his Super-Clepto outfit while wearing a large strap-on. A little mild Christian porn for his base. That’ll be a sure wiener, er, I mean, winner!

    Not unlike military Christian Commanders that bend subordinates over a Christian table as they proselytize their particular flavor of Christianity, holding subordinate careers in their hands! “Pay fealty to me and my God or else!”

    Even the wives of subordinates harassed by the Commander’s wife in an effort to get them to kiss the ring, to bring their whole family into the Christian National fold, to be obedient and subservient.

    Forget combat readiness, you’re not going to need it, unless we attack Iran, but by then the Commander will have moved on so it won’t be his problem! “I had them all praying before I left. I don’t know what happened!”

    Democracy is on the line in this next election. This country will decide whether it wants a Democracy or a Dictatorship going forward. Put Trump in, he’s there for life followed by his misfit grifting progeny. A Kim Jong Trump kingdom in these not so United States of America!

    Combat effectivity is also on the line going forward. We either have an inept “Christianized” military going forward or one that is capable of carrying out the strategic national objectives with regard to power projection and defense of this nation.

    We already see Gregg Abbott using the National Guard as immigrant police, learning how to watch immigrants drown in the Rio Grande, skills that will come in real handy in Iran when we fight that war!

    You don’t think we’re going to fight Iran on behalf of the Israelis? Hide and watch! Netanyahu has total control over your Christianized military sons and daughters and their next campaign in a regional Middle East debacle.

    Write to the White House and your reps and senators. It takes five minutes. Stop the carnage in Gaza, immediate permanent cease fire, and No War with Iran! Tell your friends and family to write as well!

    And…..Get Out the Vote!

    MAGATs – Out The Door In 24!

  3. Ironmoped February 3, 2024 at 3:35 pm

    The Hard Christian Right Republicans are screaming for direct US attacks on Iran.

    Get ready Christians! Your great Christian Leaders in Congress are gonna need your son’s and daughter’s military service real soon! Don’t let us down now! We need us lots of Christian boys and girls, you know, the ones that attend their Commander’s prayer vigils, to go fight the Iranians!

    Oh, before I forget, just getting into Iran is going to be a hard slog. You seen the terrain you gotta cross on the east bank of the Persian Gulf just to get in there? Not like you’ve got a staging point in Iraq, or Afghanistan to enter into the country from their eastern border.

    It won’t be like the Iraq war where we entered the country on land flatter than Kansas! You know, just a Sunday drive to Tehran! But the Christian Commanders will figure it out.

    Ok, I know, we’ll first bomb the shit out of them but it ain’t like they won’t know we’re coming! What’s the first retaliatory strike from Iran? Israel, of course! Get ready Israel! I’m guessing Tel Aviv will look like Gaza. A simultaneous attack will be on the Bahraini port of Mina Salmon, home to the US 5th Fleet (check Google Maps).

    Shut down the straight of Hormuz and you’ve immediately got a world economic crises! Potentially a 3rd World War!

    We overthrew Iran’s first democratically elected Government in 1953 and installed our puppet, Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi, who ruled with an iron- handed secret police, the Savak, until the revolution of 1978 and return of the Imam in 1979.

    But the more important part of Iran kicking our asses out of their country was their immediate alliance with the former Soviet Union – their new supplier of military weapons and technology. China also allied with Iran for their oil. So……a war with Iran?

    These Christo-fascist Republicans in Congress are about to get, not their asses handed to them, but YOUR asses handed to you as you give up your sons and daughters to go fight in yet another American military, Christian invented debacle!

    Ready for another twenty year war? War is incredibly easy to get into, particularly when you have dipshits like Lindsey Graham leading the charge, the extent of his military experience as an Air Force JAG Officer at Rhein Mein in Germany prosecuting shop lifters at the local Sight and Sound AAFES annex!

    “Come on all you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs a helping hand.
    Way out yonder in I-R-A-N.
    And it’s one, two, three, what are we fighting for? Ain’t got time to wonder why, whoopee we’re all gonna die!”

    You’re being distracted with performance art on the Southern border by Republicans because that’s all they have going into the election.

    Don’t be distracted. Write to the White House and your reps. You can copy/paste from a word doc, takes all of five minutes.


    Your military sons and daughters are one of our greatest National Resources. Don’t let them get sent off to another killing field!

  4. Grey One Talks Sass February 14, 2024 at 9:16 am

    I haven’t added to Ironmoped’s comments because why? They’ve said it better than I could, and (for the record) more politely. Thank you Ironmoped. Well stated!

    The only war I am interested in is the one here/now for our democracy. Fascists want what they want but We The People are under no obligations to give it to them.

    Get out the Vote!!! Do what you can, even if it’s to talk with your neighbor through their distress when they find out the MAGA/Christian nationalist vision they believed in is a lie. Democracy requires all of us to do our part per our abilities, no more, no less.

    MAGA out the door in 24! Music to my ears.

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