Active duty Christian military chaplain thanks MRFF for providing “wise counsel and fast action on a recent dilemma” and expresses their concern about “extremist politicians emboldening more radicals in the military”

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From: (Active Duty Military Christian Chaplain’s E-mail address Withheld)
Subject: Note of Appreciation
Date: May 14, 2024 at 1:21:03 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>

Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF:

I write to express my great appreciation for some wise counsel and fast action on a recent dilemma for which I contacted you.

I am an active duty military Chaplain of a Christian denomination. I have faced any number of difficult situations in my career, brought on by toxic leaders who choose to use their faith as a weapon against others, to divide instead of unite, to isolate instead of bring together.

I have seen it get much worse in the last several years, with extremist politicians emboldening more radicals in the military to go farther and farther in their attempts to illegally influence others. This, naturally, has a devastating effect on morale and destroys the very beneficial things that can come with faith properly exercised.

Recently I was faced with a difficult situation again, where a leader’s personal politics were inappropriately crossing the line and emerging in dangerous ways. I knew right away to whom I could turn. You answered on the first few rings and listened patiently to everything I had to say. You offered the excellent legal advice I was seeking and helped me through the issue.

I encourage everyone wearing our nation’s uniform to stand firm in their rights to practice their faith- as well as their freedom from faith, as they choose- and to be aware of the service you provide those of us protecting all of our nations freedoms.

Thank you for all that you do at the MRFF to help our military women and men to enjoy our own freedoms as we serve.

(Active Duty Military Christian Chaplain’s name, rank, military unit, military installation & phone number all withheld)

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