First Liberty Claims DoD Obtained Trademarks “Fraudulently” in Latest Bid to Allow Official Military Emblems on Bible Verse Dog Tags — Seriously!

Published On: June 20, 2024|Categories: Featured News|25 Comments|
Illustration of dog tags with blurred Army emblem on them with one saying there is no god and the other saying America sucks

Fundamentalist Christian legal organization First Liberty Institute is now attempting in federal court to make Christian jewelry company Shields of Strength free to put the official trademarked Department of Defense (DoD) branch emblems on its Bible verse dog tags by claiming that the DoD “fraudulently” obtained its trademarks and that all of the DoD’s trademarks should be revoked!

On May 31, Trump-appointed United States District Judge J. Campbell Barker ruled that the case can proceed.

Imagine the ramifications if First Liberty should happen to succeed. Want to print up an edition of Mein Kampf with the official emblems of the U.S. military on it? Go right ahead. Want to scam people into thinking your business or organization is officially endorsed by the military? Nothing’s stopping you from putting those official military emblems on your letterhead and website. How about a line of official military sex toys? No problem. Just stamp those military emblems on them and send a thank you letter to First Liberty Institute for protecting your freedom!

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  1. Ironmoped June 21, 2024 at 6:52 am

    Another MAGA “stolen valor” representative, R-Texas, Troy Nehl cosplays his military service on his lapel with a Combat Infantryman Badge in an effort to cash in on the valor of real men, those that actually earned it.

    He’s truly a victim though. Not really his fault. He read one of those, “add inches to your penis” ads and ordered one thinking it might add to his own MAGA persona.

    Stolen valor and MAGA manhood go hand-in-hand, literally. Legends in their own minds.

    Republicans – Take back your party! I can think of many good, decent, Republicans that don’t have to cosplay their masculinity or show fealty to the Trump fat white convict ass!

    Tell Trump to fuck off and you’ll get even more support! An ounce of integrity will grow your base, not diminish it! Fuck Trump!

  2. Ironmoped June 21, 2024 at 9:59 am

    Like the “line of official military sex toys!”

    Too funny! But real! If you can use military branch logos on commercially produced, non-authorized, Jesus dog tags, you can use them on anything!

    The folks having to identify a body burned beyond recognition doesn’t give two hoots what religion you were!

    First Liberty trying to mandate their magical mandate on everyone.

    It’s not about freedom of religion. It’s about making money!

  3. Ironmoped June 21, 2024 at 10:40 am

    The first casualty of the Louisiana passage of the bill to put up the Ten Commandments in all classrooms is the young girl behind the Governor that faints on air during the signing!

    Kind of tells it all doesn’t it?

    I think it’s a great idea given that the first three Commandments would lead anyone with a modicum of common sense to question why the Judeo-Christian God would make the first three Commandments about him! That’s a pretty insecure God isn’t it?

    Sounds like a Heavenly Kim Jong Un to me. Believe in me – or else! I’ll burn you – forever! lol. At least in North Korea you can die and get away from the Dear Leader!

    The second order effects will be the creation of more atheists, Christianity already suffering from severely diminished membership as young folks question the “don’t look behind the curtain” of the first three Commandments.

    Those that have faith in the Bible are Christians. Those that read it become atheists!

    Great job Louisiana. Pushing young folks more toward atheism every day!

  4. Ironmoped June 21, 2024 at 3:21 pm

    Louisiana, the second poorest State in the union and the second dumbest population in the country. Thank God for Mississippi or Louisiana would hold the number one spot!

    Louisiana experienced the highest per-capita murder rate among all U.S. States in 2022 for its 34th consecutive year!

    5th highest obesity rate in the country at 47.9%.

    2nd highest infant mortality rate!

    It also takes the number one spot in the country for State Government dependency. In other words, THE “taker State!”

    I know, let’s put the Ten Commandments up in the classrooms! Yeah, that’ll fix it! Goddamn we’re gonna be so smart next year! And so slim! And our kids will live longer – they’ll get to see their first birthday! We won’t have to rely so much on money from the blue States!

    Or, better yet, let’s mandate everyone in the State wear biblically-inscribed dog tags!

    But… know……Christians! And super majority Republican led and controlled governing body.

    Look no further than Louisiana as a National model of what a Christian utopia looks like!

    “Ah do luv me sum tea-in cummandmunts!”

    Poor Chrischuns……

    According to the Council for a Better Louisiana, poverty is widespread in Louisiana, with a higher proportion of children living in poverty than any other state. Some believe that Louisiana has characteristics that contribute to poverty, including: A history of public corruption, A tradition of devaluing education, A dramatically unequal distribution of wealth, Relatively depressed wage rates, and A veneration of the “status quo.

    Louisiana – a testament to what the whole of the country looks like under the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025! Look no further for a glimpse of your new country!

    MAGATS – Out The Door In 24!

  5. Ironmoped June 22, 2024 at 9:31 am

    Trump endorses putting the 10 Commandments in ALL schools, public and private.

    He’ll do or say anything to get his old job back.

    First and foremost, it keeps his diaper-covered fat white ass out of jail!

    And….it makes him a shit load of money as he loots the treasury and duped American MAGATS get on his Titan submersible. “Oh, you want to go visit the Titanic? Get on board, we’re on our way!”

    It centralizes his power under the Ultra Right’s Unified Command Theory – ALL power centralized under the Presidency.

    It’ll produce:
    – a National abortion ban
    – a National contraception ban
    – a dismantling of Social Security & Medicare
    – elimination of Medicaid
    – repeal of Obamacare with no replacement
    – kids kicked off their parents healthcare policy at 18
    – 40,000 civil service jobs appointed by the President, a repeal & replace policy
    – change to the Constitution, no term limits for the Presidency
    – creation of a new Camelot, Trump family in power in perpetuity, following North Korea
    – purging of University endowments & tenure for professors
    – no minimum wage, free markets reign
    – elimination of the FBI
    – elimination of the Dept of Education
    – public funding of schools transferred to private schools to subsidize the rich
    – increased property taxes to make up for money pulled from public schools
    – zero taxes on the rich or corporations
    – increased wealth and wage disparities
    – Ukraine given to Russia
    – elimination of NATO
    – creation of the new Russian empire, Make Russia Great Again
    – makes up for losses in tax revenue with…..tariffs…..on everything
    – increase in global pollution
    – increased reliance on fossil fuels
    – green energy decimated
    – American isolation on steroids
    – a complete border wall on the southern border while fentanyl deaths increase (fentanyl comes thru border crossings – mainly by air)
    – increase in deaths of despair
    – increased cost of medicine
    – increased poverty
    – elimination of pre-K programs
    – food insecurity
    – increased homelessness
    – a National University system, a grift machine
    – devaluation of the U.S. dollar
    – trade wars with trading partners
    – a Nationalized religion – Christianity – but only a certain flavor!
    – a decimated Christianized military with no fighting capability, nuclear weapons a first-choice option

    The upside:
    – the military budget will grow through transfers of social spending money, good for the military… long as you’re a certain flavor of Christian!
    – military leadership by political hand-picked appointment, no Senate oversight
    – wealth beyond imagination, if you’re a Trump chosen one

    In short, no more America! Welcome to your new country! Let us know how that works out for you!

    Some of us………we’ll move to better, cheaper, higher quality-of-life countries, no impact. Too easy. Can watch the Titan implosion from afar.

    Vote like your existence as you know it depends on it – it does!

    MAGATS – Permanently Out The Door In 24!

  6. Grey One Talks Sass June 26, 2024 at 3:12 am

    Ironmoped, the country hears you although they are staying schtum. Wise idea. Letting ones opponent speak for themselves is sometimes the best defense. But brave of you to put yourself out there. You really are who you are.

    Which means you’d ask about what happens when the other sides words mean nothing. There is a set of folk who are “not inspired”. Get in the game or you will become that which you do not want to become. Use your imagination. Times it by seven. Yes. It’s all hands on deck. Now. And yep, I am who I am.

    I’ve been watching Democracy Watch via Bryon Tyler Cohen to plug another voice in the dark on another’s website. Hope I didn’t break a rule but this is important, the ask forgiveness kind. I’ve learned a lot. Not enough to teach anyone but enough to understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

    So when their words (preferred) don’t work the term lawfare applies but not as it’s been uttered by the MAGA-sphere. They are going after the little stuff, huge stuff, overwhelming the system with so much paperwork to do with an underpaid, underfunded staff who are then treated as an enemy.
    For making sure the system is working as intended – to assist Americans in getting through their lives, to help regulate those who will never play by the rules, and ensure equality is the norm not the exemption.

    But I digress. As I see it, our lesson for the now is to be patient. for the present and then use your power, your voice at the ballot box.

    Which is the end of the first step. Second step is to vote every (and I mean every local, federal, union, church, every) until the MAGA are removed from all positions of control. If they want to reapply there are terms and conditions but yes, opportunity for all not just those more equal than all.

    Hope you are well out in where ever you are. Here is hot, hot, hot but it’s that all over. Tree rings proved it, hottest summer in 2000 years. No wonder the MAGA have Apocalypse Fever. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months. Yee Haw!

  7. Grey One Talks Sass June 26, 2024 at 3:19 am

    Grey One said “There is a set of folk who are “not inspired”. Get in the game or you will become that which you do not want to become. Use your imagination. Times it by seven. Yes. It’s all hands on deck. Now. And yep, I am who I am.”

    OK that sounded better in my head but upon publication I’m all what did I mean by that? Could I please clarify?

    Yep. This appeal for assistance wasn’t specifically addressed to Ironmoped but to the greater reading audience who stop by and say nothing (which is their right. I too was quiet for a long time until I just had to utter my Yop!)

    Anyway, needed to add that. Oofda, bad day but I’m here so there is that.

  8. Brandotheclown June 28, 2024 at 5:24 am

    Dang, what happened to y’all’s boy last night? Looked like night of the living dead. I dont think he knew where he was!

  9. Brandotheclown June 28, 2024 at 5:26 am

    bahahaha even MSNBC is calling him a loser

  10. Grey One Talks Sass June 28, 2024 at 7:15 am

    I knew these hits would come.

    I could give you every reason for why President Biden didn’t fail in the debate last night. And make no doubt he did lose the debate in the court of public opinion. But he did not fail. And here’s why –

    Despite known health issues (look them up, I’m not doing research you won’t believe) that affects one’s ability to move through life with ease he showed up. Said he had a sore throat. And he showed up. His facts and policies showed up too.

    Guess who else showed up? Yep the former loser felon who as predicted by all the Trumpist flufferd was wound so tight he managed to spew something like 60 lies in the time allotted?

    Wow. Not sure if that’s the record but I feel it’s a contender.

    Bottom line? Don’t vote FOR Biden, vote AGAINST Trump. Reality. Sucks donnit?

  11. Brandotheclown June 28, 2024 at 11:54 am

    “Guess who else showed up? Yep the former loser felon ”

    Hunter was there…? Mote like Predator.

  12. Grey One Talks Sass June 28, 2024 at 12:23 pm

    Oh troll, the only person on the debate stage who I’m talking about is the losing former guy, convicted of and held liable for sexual assault (in NY that means he was too small to get it in), and convicted on 34 felony charges is your hero, the farting guy Trump.

    I didn’t see Hunter Biden on the stage but you somehow did troll? Are you ok? Do you need some help because seeing visions is a sign of many diseases. Perhaps you should get checked out.

  13. Cmon man June 28, 2024 at 2:16 pm

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women are created, by the, you know the, you know the thing.”

    – Joe Biden

    Botching US Declaration of Independence quote.

  14. Grey One Talks Sass June 28, 2024 at 3:19 pm

    Not bad, troll. It’s quote from four years ago so yeah, that’s all you got?

    LOL you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel. The world knows President Biden has a speech impediment. The world knows and respects President Biden because he’s not a con man or a felon. Well really those are the perks. The rest, Biden knowing leaders from other countries is because he dedicated his life to service for his country. It’s a mistake to conflate speech impediment with a lack of intelligence.

    Seriously, tell me you’ve never read Sun Tzu as you underestimate your opponent.

  15. Cmon man June 29, 2024 at 11:04 am

    Lol four years ago!!! You hit the nail on the head. 4 years later its even worse!

  16. Cmon man June 29, 2024 at 11:07 am

    Yea, hes got a plagiarism problem too. Man did he get wrecked in that debate. Never seen anything like it.

  17. Brandotheclown June 29, 2024 at 11:21 am

    Lmao… this is literally the headline on MSNBC… the epitomy of lefty media.

    “For the good of the country, Dems must persuade President Biden to step aside”

  18. Synergy June 29, 2024 at 2:07 pm

    I think the conventional wisdom is wrong regarding Joe Biden’s poor performance debate.

    Yes, it was a poor performance. But everyone debating a petulant man-child like Donnie Schittsinpants that, in typical congenital liar fashion, spews lies from start to finish, out of whole cloth, making shit up, is going to fare similarly. You saw it in the 2016 election, a pet name for everyone that falls from Trump grace – which is everyone.

    The highest cabinet turn-over in Presidential history. “I only pick the best (scum of the earth) people!” They all start out with Trump accolades, glowing reviews at their Trump hand-selected appointments, but quickly turn to scum when the man-baby throws another tantrum and he fires them, a left over from his fictional show days, a game. If he’ll throw out his entire cabinet, what do you think he’ll do to his own base? Course, his own base won’t say shit even as their quality of life recedes – for awhile. When they do complain, they’ll become scum-of-the-earth just like all that have gone before them. And they won’t be able to do a thing about it but live in their own self-chosen squalor.

    He’s already told his people, “I don’t care about you, I just need your vote!”

    I think the debate, contrary to opinion, showed one candidate’s humanity – Joe Biden’s humanity.

    You vote for Trump because you’re stupid! Period. You can’t see beyond the end of your nose, the myopic distortion like the scorpion riding the Fox’s back across the river. The scorpion stings the fox midway and the fox, as he succumbs to the poison asks, “why did you sting me. Now we’re both going to die?” To which the scorpion replies, “It’s my nature!”

    You vote for Joe Baden because he’s a good and decent man who believes in this country.

    You vote for Trump because you’re just like him, congenitally stupid, narcissistic, and care about no one but yourself. “I got mine!”

    Even on Joe Biden’s worst speaking days, he’s exponentially a better choice for the future of this country than the Man-Baby!

    Americas young folks are not stupid. Neither are its women and minorities. I think we’re going to see an overwhelming result in November that honors the resilience of a voting populace that’s tired of the man-baby’s convicted-loser petulance!

    I think the debate worked in Joe Biden’s favor. He debated a child and that threw him off a bit, having shown up thinking he was going to talk issues.

    But it showed the world what Trump is, a petulant little child that needs his diaper changed – often!

    The vote is simple. Petulance or country. You decide.

  19. Jeff June 29, 2024 at 7:38 pm

    Boasting about the debate by Trump voters (and Russians) is bizarre. We all saw what happened live. Biden sounded like an elderly man. Trump lied his way through the entire debate, and couldn’t resist also hurling childish insults at the president, Palestinians, and many others. Who sounded more unfit to be president? The answer is clear to everyone except deluded Trump voters who know he was spewing his tired, old lies over and over.

  20. Synergy July 1, 2024 at 4:39 am

    The silver lining in today’s distopian political landscape is that it has helped bring about a precipitous decline in evangelical membership. Two million have left the southern baptists in the last few short years, as just one example, their co-mingling of religion and politics bringing about that decline. Religious nut jobs in Congress only accelerate the decline, an inevitable outcome to denial of religious freedom to those outside their flavor of choice.

    I think one thing we can all agree on is that this country was founded on the freedom to worship as you believe, not as you’re told to believe.

    Rather than promote their own religious views by way of example, their efforts to “legislate” those views, a forced mandate on your beliefs, serves to undermine their own religious agenda, a recipe negatively affecting their own membership, a good thing for the strength of this nation.

    In other words, they weed themselves out, a net positive for the country.

    Even those among us most fervently supporting “God in schools” knows that mandating the 10 Commandments in classrooms wont change infant mortality rates.

    They’re eating their young, the 2nd order effects of their own religiosity, the most religious States with the highest infant mortality rates, ironically, a direct correlation, also correlated with other metrics: poverty, education, health, obesity, et al.

    The “Bible Belt” is also the “Biggest Belt,” those States sporting the biggest pant and dress sizes in the nation!

    “The Lord helps those that help themselves!”

  21. [email protected] July 1, 2024 at 4:37 pm

    lol Maybe he can go back to driving bug rigs with cornpop… he sure aint gonna keep his job.

  22. Synergy July 1, 2024 at 6:48 pm

    Another MAGAT from Team Trump goes to jail!

    Bannon says, “I’m proud to go to prison,” as if it were a choice! Hilarious!

    Off you go Stevie boy! It’s minimum security, have fun!

    And then you have Stevie Boy’s crush Marjorie. You know, the “bleach blond bad built butch body” Marjorie. Yeah, that one. Mrs. Malaprop condemning the Gazpacho police, I assume the same ones cooking for Stevie Boy while he’s in jail! He might like soup! Poor Marjorie. Such a cretin.

    Are you a top or bottom (bunk) kind of guy Stevie?

    First night in jail for Stevie Boy. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bugs bite!

  23. Synergy July 3, 2024 at 8:36 am

    You know, during the last Presidential run, there was no way Joe Biden was going to win, according to the Right, from his basement! Remember all the talk? They said then that Joe Biden had dementia, was a dithering old fool, and couldn’t possibly win. Sleepy Joe, remember?

    Joe Biden won, as Trump says, by a landslide! An overwhelming win! Definitive!

    If you’re seriously looking for cognitive decline, you wouldn’t get past Trump’s rally comments about beating Obama in the 2016 election and having offered Nikki Haley 10,000 National Guard troops on Jan 6, which he adds, “she turned down – she was in charge of security at the Capital!”

    The media is complicit in the usual free advertising for Trump post debate performance, the focus on Biden rather than calling out Trump’s made-out-of-whole-cloth lies and Celebrity Apprentice gaslighting.

    And the media panics regarding the debate performance.

    But here’s the deal. NEVER, in the history of the country has changing horses mid-stream resulted in a win. Period.

    Joe Biden has a record to run on, Trump does not. Trump has Celebrity Apprentice theater to run on, kind of like Lauren Boebert’s performance at the Buell Theater in Denver where she jacked off a Democrat boyfriend in a public setting, calling it a private moment and gaslit everyone by saying we shouldn’t have been watching!

    Joe Biden IS the Democratic Presidential candidate, period. And he’s going to beat the snot out of Trump, the House is going to turn to the Democrats because the country is fed up with the incessant theatrics and do-nothing House Republicans that focus their energies on public pissing in DC, Hunter Biden (that we give a shit less about), and gas stoves!

    When was the last time the House even talked about a bill for border security? They turned down $14 Billion dollars for border security, remember? They don’t want border security. They want something to run on. When’s the last time a Mexican illegal did anything besides build your house, or do your landscaping, or repaired your roads, or took care of your kids, or cleaned your house, or picked the Nation’s fruits and vegetables? How many white kids you see doing those jobs?

    What has a Republican-controlled House done for you lately?

    What has a partisan Republican-controlled Supreme Court done for you lately besides take away your health care choices? Anything besides forcing a woman carrying a dead fetus to term?

    Biden IS the Democratic Party choice. So shut and vote!

    Trump is running, first and foremost, to keep his ass out of jail, a life sentence for an old junk-food eating fat boy. His second reason is to grift and bilk the treasury beyond all recognition, his pay-for-play schemes a wealth building machine.

    Trump added in excess of eight thousand billion dollars to the National debt in four years, more than any President in history! Do you think it’s going to change under Trump? It’ll change all right! It will double or triple under his grift machine and you’ll be able to do nothing about it!

    How much will go to you? ZERO! None, NADA!

    They don’t have the numbers to elect Trump, period.

    Biden is our candidate. Get behind him, get out the vote, and vote like your freedom depends upon it – it does!

    Autocracy or Democracy, an easy choice and an easy win in my books.

    Tune out the spin machines and vote! Let’s keep this country on a continued path to a better tomorrow for you, your kids, and their kids!

    To Trump I say, “You’re FIRED mother fucker!”

    Fuck Trump!

  24. Synergy July 4, 2024 at 7:08 am

    Kevin Robert’s, the head of the Ultra-Right Heritage Foundation, you know, the Project 2025 creators, threatens publicly, “ we’re in the process of a second American Revolution, that will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be!”

    To Kevin my response is – “Bring it bitch!”

    And of course Trump doubles down on the comments adding that if he doesn’t win, “there will be a bloodbath!”

    So….let me look into a crystal ball for you for a minute. There will be no bloodbath if Trump loses. You know why? Because Trump’s acolytes have been prosecuted and put behind bars for their crimes, with the exception of those pardoned by Trump.

    The average MAGA-Moron, even though they love them some guns, ain’t going to rally to Trump’s call to violence because they value their Democratic freedom too much. They love the theater of their Billy Badass acting – they get to hang an AR-15 around their neck for the photo op – but that picture in their heads of “no guns and behind bars,” their “rubber balls swinging on their truck trailer hitches,” their fantasized projection of manhood, outweighs their staying out of jail pee-pees.

    How many MAGA clowns showed up for Trump’s trials? Besides Marjorie Traitor Green, not many!

    There will be no “bloodbath” when Trump loses, period.

    Remember all the “W” stickers on cars when Georgie Boy attacked the wrong country after 911?

    How many of those “W” stickers suddenly disappeared right after Georgie Boy went away, after we learned there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? All of them! You know why? Because those MAGA-in-waiting future Trumpers were too embarrassed to admit they’d voted for a loser!

    The same will happen when Trump loses. Those little fat boys hanging AR-15s around their necks for photos will crawl back into their shells and get back to their minimum wage jobs.

    Trump is the biggest loser in history owing to an unloved childhood, his parents sending his ass off to military school for four years to get rid of him, particularly his mother. Zero maternal instincts.

    Trump’s own children – zero paternal instincts, inherited from his parents, the creation of a wannabe Supreme Leader, an American Kim Jong Un in his DNA, pitting his own children against each other as they grew up, his favorite sport.

    A colossal loser, everything he touches turns to shit for everyone around him while he grifts.

    Trump’s “loser and sucker” military struggling to meet recruitment goals. Words matter!

    The only bloodbath you’re going to see is the one that takes place if Trump wins! A “cleansing” by the Christian Right, decimation of public infrastructure, dismantling of Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid destroyed, destruction of healthcare – insurers reaping the new found profits. A purged civil service system – power given to the Neo Nazis in Trump’s cabinet. New tariffs around the world to make up for new tax cuts for the wealthy resulting in hyper inflation. Increased homelessness, rents completely unaffordable. Green energy replaced by “drill-baby-drill,” a climate induced catastrophe on the near horizon. You won’t suffer – much. But your kids will!

    How will they fix it? They’ll put the Ten Commandments in all classrooms Nationwide! Along with a Bible to remind you of their religious autocratic control over every aspect of your lives.

    When you can’t make rent – pray!
    When you have an illness – pray!
    When you’re pregnant – pray!
    When your social security is stripped away – pray!
    The new rise in homelessness – pray!
    Hyperinflation – pray!
    Increased mass shootings in schools – pray!
    Higher taxes to support the wealthy – pray!
    Medicare pulled out by the roots – pray!

    Vote Red – The country’s dead! A decimated wasteland of autocratic control.

    You think the Government is intruding in your lives now? Hide and watch!

    The Heritage Foundation IS the roadmap to an American North Korea!

    A Red Vote is a Communist vote. A siding with Republican Putin lovers currently serving in Congress.

    Of course, they won’t call themselves Communists. But you WILL show fealty – or else! Kind of a Christian thing, isn’t it?

    Get out the Vote! Take your neighbors with you when you vote.

    Remember – Real Men Wear Diapers! lol.

    Show Kevin Robert’s he’s nothing but a Kevin!

    MAGATS – Out The Door In 24.

  25. Goddjob July 4, 2024 at 7:26 am

    bla bla bla… remember when they said there was no way Trump could beat Hillary (literal) crybaby Clinton? bla bla bla. You have no point.

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