Orlando, FL VA Facility Defiantly and Abruptly Puts Bible Back After Initially Removing It From POW/MIA Table Per MRFF’s Demand

Published On: June 18, 2024|Categories: Featured News|5 Comments|
Original photo of bible on POW/MIA table on 6-12-24 side by side with photo of bible removed on 6/18/24 at 127 PM EDT, and bible placed back on table on 6/18/24 at 2:11PM EDT.

In response to MRFF’s demand, the Orlando, Florida Veterans Administration Health Care System (VAHCS) removed an illicit, unconstitutionally placed bible from a POW/MIA table displayed in their lobby. The unconstitutionally placed Bible was removed within one and a half hours of MRFF’s demand on behalf of its 13 military veteran client patients at the facility. A VAHCS staff member also promised to send an email for MRFF’s 13 client patients confirming the bible’s removal. When no confirmation email was provided, MRFF contacted VAHCS and was connected to a Public Affairs representative, who defiantly informed MRFF that the bible was going back on the table and will stay there until their their lawyers can decide if it’s constitutional… Rest assured, MRFF will NOT be waiting while their lawyers determine if a duck is a duck!

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  1. HarryJohnson June 18, 2024 at 5:29 pm

    bahahahahah!!! Defiantly… as if they need to listen to you assholes.

  2. Tom O June 18, 2024 at 8:31 pm

    If they don’t listen to MRFF, they’ll be hearing from their VA superiors, who will tell them to obey VA Directive 0022 and remove the bible, just like the other 14 times MRFF has taken similar actions.
    What part of “no establishment of religion” don’t you understand?

  3. Ironmoped June 19, 2024 at 9:42 am

    I’m disappointed! Where’s the Trump Bible? You know, the one with the MAGA cult grift chapter and 23rd Balms:

    “Orange is my color, like no other,
    My lips his vessel of voice.
    If I vote big Orange in the next election,
    I’ll get that Rolls Royce of choice.
    He maketh me to lie down, it’s not about race,
    It’s about cleaning his ass with my face!
    A grifter salad so tried and true, I’ll toss it till my face turns blue.
    I love me some rump, attached to Trump,
    But am looking for more to do.
    May thy lips stay pursed, don’t be wary,
    Suckers and losers – Trump’s military.
    That socialist medicine, it’s all OK,
    A Trump Bible at your local VA!”

    Happy Reading!

    Make America Gag Again! Out The Door In 24!

  4. Ironmoped June 21, 2024 at 6:02 am

    So Steve Bannon, like all the criminals Trump surrounds himself with, “I only pick the best people,” is finally going to jail.

    He didn’t get his club fed that he asked for and could even do some time in Rikers.

    And he’s shitting bricks, the pussy-ass little bitch that he is.

    All of Trump’s minions are tough guys when they’re behind a microphone but it’s comical watching them thrash and wail as their asses get carted off to prison! I understand he worked water purification in the Navy so maybe they can put that to good use while he’s there!

    Bannon says “Navy Seals are woke,” an admission born out of envy, his tough-guy cosplay showing as he lives with the knowledge of his own inferior manhood. He believes a disparaging remark or two makes him “tougher” than Navy Seals or that his self-qualifying remarks elevates his own superiority.

    Bannon is another Trump “pussy-ass bitch,” Trump himself the father of all pussy-ass bitches. School-yard bullies that cry like babies when pushed.

    OK Stevie boy. You’re turn on July 1st! Don’t cry now. Your mascara will run!

    Get one of those jump suits with the zipper in the back! You’re gonna need it!

  5. Temba Vanon July 22, 2024 at 3:25 am

    If they ignore MRFF, their VA superiors will enforce compliance with VA Directive 0022, requiring the Bible’s removal, as has happened 14 times before. On a different note, using a VAT Calculator
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