Protestant Christian USAF Chaplain calls Basic Chaplain Course’s “warning” about MRFF “extreme hyperbole,” reaches out to MRFF on behalf of agnostic airman facing discrimination

Published On: July 3, 2024|Categories: MRFF's Inbox, Top News|2 Comments|
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From: (Active Duty USAF Chaplain’s e-mail address withheld)
Subject: Chaplain endorsement
Date: July 3, 2024 at 3:07:04 PM MDT
To: <[email protected]>

As an active duty Air Force Chaplain, I was first told about the Military Religious Freedom Foundation at the Basic Chaplain Course and warned that they are fighting to end the Chaplain Corps and essentially criminalize religion in the military. The examples shared of the actions they’ve taken made it abundantly clear that this was extreme hyperbole, as every example highlighted proselytizing rather than respectful pluralism within the military. I am a protestant Christian Chaplain from an evangelical background and it is clear to me that there is a lack of respect for religious freedom and diversity within the ranks of the Air Force. I reached out to the MRFF on behalf of an Airman who is experiencing discrimination on the basis of his agnostic beliefs and the phone was answered within three rings by Mr. Mikey Weinstein himself and advice was offered on the best course of action. I hung up the phone confident that we have a way forward to fight for that Airman’s rights. Thank you, sincerely, for your responsiveness and advice.

Chaplain (Name withheld)
(Rank withheld), USAF 

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  1. Jeff July 5, 2024 at 2:50 pm

    It’s disgraceful and disgusting that the Basic Chaplain course at the Air Force’s training institution promotes propaganda smearing the MRFF. It’s clear that the MRFF is needed now more than ever.

    I’m glad that this particular chaplain had an open mind and sought out the facts about what MRFF actually does. We can only hope that the top commanders in the Air Force and the other branches of the military will soon decide to obey the constitution and military regulations regarding freedom of religion.

  2. Tom O July 6, 2024 at 3:50 pm

    Claiming that MRFF is “fighting to end the Chaplain Corps and essentially criminalize religion in the military” isn’t “extreme hyperbole,” it’s denial of reality.

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