U.S. Air Force Academy’s Wall of Shame

May 2005 – Air Force Academy Rocked By Charges Of Religious Intolerance
February 2008 – US Air Force Academy Used “Former Terrorists” to Proselytize Fundamentalist Christianity to Cadets
December 2010 – Cadets For Christ: Women, Evangelicals, and the Air Force Academy
October 2011 – HUFFINGTON POST – Air Force Academy Cadets Decide They Must Pretend To Be Fundamentalist Christians
November 2011 – Major MRFF Victory: USAF Academy Backs Down on “Operation Christmas Child” Extremist Fundamentalist Charity
December 2011 – Campus Crusade for Christ Air Force Academy Propaganda
November 2013 – My AF Academy Cadet Son Was Right to Be Afraid
November 2013 – MRFF Posts Billboard in Colorado Springs Blasting “Gay Cure” Guru at U.S. Air Force Academy
December 2015 – Ex-Chaplain Criticizes ‘Tebow’ Prayer at Air Force Football Home Games
February 2019 – MRFF Demands Withdrawal of USAFA’s National Character & Leadership Symposium Invitation to anti-LGBTQ Chick-fil-A’s Speaker Rodney Bullard
February 2022 – MRFF Vehemently Objects to Christian Nationalist and All-Around Nutcase Ben Carson Speaking at Air Force Academy
February 2022 – Christian Nationalist Ben Carson Tells Air Force Academy Cadets That Believing in Separation of Church And State is Schizophrenia!
May 2022 – Unhinged Anti-Vaxxer Email to MRFF Leads to Discovery that USAFA Prep School Instructor is Associated with Radical Anti-Government Group
September 2022 – MRFF Condemns Air Force Academy’s “Spiritual Fitness Month” — A Month of Command-Sponsored Religious Proselytizing
October 2022 – MRFF Refutes USAFA’s Claim That Holding the Commandant’s Challenge On the High Holy Day, Yom Kippur, Was a “Serious Scheduling Oversight”
October 2022 – JTA Covers Air Force Academy’s Latest MRFF-Exposed Snub to Jewish Cadets — “Commandants Challenge” Being Scheduled on Yom Kippur
October 2022 – MRFF Client USAFA Cadet Forced to Choose Between Her Religion and Key Training Day, Told that the Issue is Her “Being Jewish”
October 2022 – USAFA’s Training Day on Yom Kippur, Exposed by MRFF, Leads to 3 Senators Questioning Air Force
November 2022 – USAFA Concocts Idiotic Lie to Explain MRFF-Exposed “John 3:16” Proselytizing on Soccer Field Banner — How Stupid Do They Think People Are?

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