ALTERNET – Winners of MRFF’s Bad Chaplain Award: Head Chaplain at USAFA and Army 1st Recruiting Brigade Chaplain

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Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Here at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), we get a constant stream of emails from service members telling us about chaplains who just can’t seem to uphold the oath they took to the Constitution, and see their position as a chaplain as a vehicle to fight secularism in what is supposed to be — ummm — a secular military. Earlier this week, we heard from an Air Force Academy professor and active duty officer who had attended a new faculty orientation at which the Academy’s head chaplain, Colonel Robert Bruno, informed over a hundred new faculty members that there is no wall of separation between church and state.


  • But was that the worst display of a U.S. military chaplain flagrantly deriding the Constitution that they swore an oath (presumably to God) to protect and defend? Hell no! We got in one today that may just take the prize. This one came from the U.S. Army’s 1st Recruiting Brigade. At last count, forty-one Army recruiters — thirty-four of them Christians — have contacted MRFF, stunned and appalled by a “Thought For The Day” email sent out by Major Wayne Keast, the 1st Recruiting Brigade’s chaplain:“Christianity has been the ground and foundation for our Ethical Core Value system ever since George Washington. The further we move away from Christianity in our ethic and practice the greater the problems will get within the infrastructure of our military, (If you haven’t noticed). We are removing the foundation for all behavior for all other belief system are based on relativism and nothing objective and unmovable. We are in a constant flux in our values. We will soon remove all GOOD reason for having a workable ethic.”


  • After hearing from over three dozen recruiters who received Major Keast’s email, MRFF founder and president Mikey Weinstein responded in his usual understated manner:“DO SOMETHING, Air Force and Army! But we all know you won’t, will you? You NEVER do. Which is precisely why your afflicted come to MRFF by the multiple thousands. The time for action is now! US Air Force Chaplain Colonel Bruno and U.S. Army Chaplain Major Keast should face immediate criminal charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for these disgusting, prima facie examples of dereliction of duty by flagrant violations of the solemn oaths they took; oaths NOT to Jesus or the New Testament but to our clearly secular United States Constitution. They are both heinous Poster Children of unconstitutional, fundamentalist Christian supremacy and exceptionalsm. Thus, they are base and vile criminals and religious predators. Try them both by courts-martial immediately!”


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