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Media Coverage of MRFF’s Colorado Springs Billboard and Protest

Published On: March 6, 2013|Categories: News|1 Comment|

Click here to see photos from the protest

Footage shot at MRFF Protest Rally, 3/8/13

Above: Introduction speech by Blake Page followed by Mikey Weinstein speech


The Colorado Springs Gazette – Thursday, 3/7/13

Academy’s battle with religious rights leader flares up

Print version – Click each thumbnail to enlarge:

MRFFGazette1   MRFFGazette2

Fox 21 News – Wednesday, 3/6/13

 KOAA Channel 5 NBC – Wednesday, 3/6/13

[jwplayer file=”″ image=””]

KOAA Channel 5 NBC – Second Segment, Tuesday, 3/5/13

This segment includes an on-site appearance by the reporter, Matt Stafford, a member of the #1 news team in the Colorado Springs community

[jwplayer file=”″ image=””]

KKTV Channel 11 CBS – Tuesday, 3/5/13

[jwplayer file=”″ image=””]

KRDO Channel 13 ABC – Tuesday, 3/5/13


KOAA Channel 5 NBC – Tuesday, 3/5/13

This segment ran as the lead story, even ahead of a story covering the Pope selection

[jwplayer file=”″ image=””]

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One Comment

  1. Paul Adler March 9, 2013 at 9:37 am

    I’m generally sympathetic to the mission of MRFF. I just think it’s a stretch to ascribe malicious intent to the AFAA for linking to the site. I can’t generate any outrage over a link to a 3rd party web site. I’m not willing to hold the author of one website (, for instance) for all the content contained on, say, Huffington Post, even though HuffPo contains thousands of articles that may contain noxious opinions. Your link to HuffPo doesn’t make you responsible for Arianna Huffington’s rants.

    Now, if you want to call out AFAA for being lazy in this instance, go ahead. And if you want to chastise them for being slow to respond to a PR gaff, be my guest. If you’d like to rent a billboard for 5 weeks to remind folks that there’s a lot of real crap on the internet, I’ll donate to the cause.

    I just can’t get excited about this one. Sorry.

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