weinstein is a filthy shitkike…needs to be shut down

i never heard of this communist marxist jewish organization and there lots of these organizations now ..filthy little fagot kikes who head them up like they head up the nigger naacp…this following organization is pointedely obvious that weinstein is a filthy shitkike and seeks to further the lubavitch agenda against whites and christianity and islam is getting a pass on this shit ..the name allah can be used and praying or thanking jesus in school or track meet or military will get you in trouble …
The MRFF is a very insidious organization. It is headed up by a man named Mikey Weinstein. He has called Christians “human monsters” and “enemies of the United States Constitution“. Weinstein is convinced that sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ while in the military is “sedition and treason” and should be punished as such. You would think that people like Weinstein would be dismissed as lunatics, but unfortunately under the Obama administration he has been brought in as a special adviser to the Pentagon. What a crazy world that we live in. ..
its not funny but it is preposterous that the enemy of mankind ,the jew says christians are monsters when oit was the jews who killed 70 million white russians after the bloody coup in russia 1917 ..it was the jews who have committed every genocide against wghites since esther and cypress and romans in 117 ad to 200,000 people ..france revolutio was jews …the irish starvation holocaust committed by kike disraeli pm of britain (5 million irish perish)…civil war 700,000 total kia from both sides ……slavery and the death of hundreds of thousands of whites who were slaves as well as niggers during the slave years ….1915 armenian 4.7 million nkiled by jews ..1936 bolshevik kikes rolled into spain and murdered 2.5 million women children and priests and they tried to stain franco with this shit but it was jews ..the genocide of germany dressed up to look like ww2 ..40 million germans dead ..1940 -1955 includes ethnic germans from checkos yugoslav poland pows def’s ..etc orphans ..sachenhausen camp where commmisars killed 700,000 germans ..i only heard about the 14,000 german teenagers the jews torured and killed there and buried them on the property ..they are still there ..the jews have always maintained a ludicrous statement that germans killed 700,000 russians there ..and then they said it was jews ..or maybe they meant russian jews ..if so ,good ..but its the old lie where wehn the jews hurt you they scream in pain ..
this MRFF shit is so off the charts and to claim christians hate the constitution is a big lie that no one believes anyway …this guy needs to be shut down and all communist kikes like him ..if we dont get creative and busy we will suffer the same fate as many other nations who are and have been under the control of murderous jew communists and their rabbis ..

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  1. Bob

    Sad that someone lives with so much hate. So much hate that it affects not only his life but also the lives of those who have to read or listen to him. I feel sorry for his family, assuming he has a family, and neighbors who have to put up with his lack of spelling skills, grammar skills, punctuation skills, syntax skills, history knowledge and self-loathing. I can see him standing on his front porch watching for a child who may step on his lawn so that he can yell, “ Get off my grass you filthy little fagot kike murderous Jew communist and your rabbi.”

  2. Gunther

    Many of the top NKVD officials were Jews who also were members of the Communist Party, and were responsible for the deaths of millions of people inside and outside of Russia however, the rest of your statement does not make any sense at all when it comes to Mr. Weinstein and his organization.

  3. Gunther

    Many Christians committed mass murder in the name of Nazism, Christianity, KKK, Free Market, Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Nationalism, American Manifest Destiny, Living Space, For God, King, and Empire, American Prosperity, American Individual Freedom and Liberty with Truth and Justice for All and engage in both African and white slavery.

  4. Sharon M

    ..filthy little fagot kikes who head them up like they head up the nigger naacp

    Is this little missive of yours supposed to convince us how wonderful Christianity is?
    Christianity (in America at least)has been used to justify genocide against Native Americans, Jim Crow, ( the KKK are Christians) slavery, discrimination against anyone who is not a white Christian male.
    And please excuse this person and others like him with the tired old meme Oh but they aren’t Real Christians(tm)!! It’s a cop out and only serves to make *you* feel better, not us. They are real Christians, and by proclaiming them fake Christians, and not calling their insanity (like when they murder doctors who perform abortions, Christian white supremists , with their history of violence against poc, et al. you’ve enabled them to continue with their madness.
    I’ve felt like a stranger in my country since I was a child because I’m NOT a Christian, and I’m very tired of it.

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