Why are Muslims so violent? Why do Muslims want to kill everyone that is not a Muslim??? (DISCLAIMER: SHOCKING & DISGUSTING LANGUAGE)

This letter was mailed to Mikey Weinstein and three female members of MRFF’s staff:

The answer is very simple:

Muslims bow down and sniff each other’s ass-hole five times a day. All God give them is shit for brains. Then they want to kill and murder all others who do not want to sniff ass-holes. Muslims are crotch worshippers. They do not worship God.

Dogs and Muslims have the same religion; take a look around. Muslims and dogs are both on all fours sniffing ass-holes.

Dogs are more civilized than Muslims. Dogs are full of love and affection. Dogs will protect you. Muslims want to kill and destroy.

It is better to have a dog as a friend. They will love and defend you. Muslims want to kill every one that doesn’t sniff an ass-hole. Muslims, call us “infidels.” We call Muslims “murdering shit heads.”

Added Note: This organization and other Anti-Religious Organization are trying to Destroy Religion in America.




cc: Christian Organization

Cairs and Mosque


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