VIDEO: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): a Dominionist opponent of the U.S. Constitution

Click above to view this 57 second video


Read this powerful article by MRFF Thomas Jefferson Award Winner and NY Times Pulitzer Prize Winner Chris Hedges for further context on Sen. Cruz’s unseemly and anti-Constitutional fundamentalist Christian, Dominionist connections:

10/7/13 TRUTHDIG – The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government

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  1. Jerry N. Wesner

    Isn’t it wonderful that people like this stand ready to protect our military from not being able to harrass other members until they give in and accept their particular version of Jesus! Just like Jefferson and Franklin badgered the other founders until they let Jesus be put into the Declaration of Independence!

  2. Mel McGuire

    Cruz’s views (as seen in the video) on the MRFF’s efforts to see the separation of church and state upheld in the military are absurd and dangerous in that they support a dangerous trend in the military.

    Being an atheist, I regard Christian dominionism and especially the Christian Reconstructionism of Gary North to be extremely pernicious and possibly even a threat to my life. A claim of this connection is what led me to watch the video and read the article. However, although the Hedges article contains much about dominionism, it only connected Cruz to dominionism by association. There was no direct evidence of any radical dominionist, or worse, Reconstructionist views presented in the article. I see dominionism like it was explained in the Wiki page linked by Hedges, but your post doesn’t give me a leg to stand on when it comes to attacking Cruz for dominionism. If I see your video show up on YouTube, I’ll use it against Cruz; the Hedges piece is of no use at all.

  3. Etaoin Shrdlu

    Unfortunately, 57 seconds is hardly enough time to assay what he’s saying. Without more (especially the context) it’s just another “You didn’t build that”, or “We had to pass it so you could see it” moment. I condemned the “right-wing” for distorting the President’s and Speaker Pelosi’s words by being “selective”, I can’t condone it even when done for a cause I believe in. (True religious freedom, NOT what Cruz is selling.)

    Of course, I know what he’s railing about, and how false his claims are, but this selection doesn’t really shed light on the issue. I hope the article by Mr. Hedges you linked to does a better job.

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