CSINDY – USAFA employs Focus alum and ‘conversion therapy’ champion

Selected Article Excerpt:

When Lt. Josh Seefried recently learned that a conversion therapy practitioner works at the Air Force Academy, he picked up the phone.

“I called to ask him [about] his past with ex-gay therapy and his current teachings with cadets,” says Seefried, a 2009 academy grad who helped found OutServe-Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, an association of LGBT active-duty personnel, veterans and military families.”I was directed to his book and told of ways to deal with my struggles with same-sex attraction.”

That book, Sanctification Coaching: Sexual Purity and Peace for Christian Men with Same-Sex Attractions, was self-published under the Xulon imprint for Christian books by Dr. Mike Rosebush in 2009. That’s the same year the academy hired the former Focus on the Family vice president to work in its “plans and programs directorate,” which develops institutional policy, plans and assessment strategies for commanders.

It’s also the same year the American Psychological Association debunked conversion or “reparative” therapy, saying not only that it’s unproven, but that it can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

In 2011, Rosebush transferred to the academy’s Center for Character and Leadership Development. The academy defends his continued presence, noting one of the programs he’s designed won the Jon C. Dalton Institute’s Best Practice Award for “outstanding practice … relevant to the field of college student character and values development.” And the academy adds via email that Rosebush — who declined to be interviewed for this story — doesn’t work directly with cadets.

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  1. Bernard Valentin

    Mikey, Why is it so terrible when someone has a different view than your anti religion view? I see your rants about tolerance but your group is the least tolerant of them all. Why can’t Mr Rosebush have his opinion about Christianity? Being a Christian while employed can’t possibly be an establishment of religion even in your hate filled version of reality. Maybe if you did some research you would understand what the constitution means, not try and twist the words to fit your anti-religions views. I thought the soldiers that you detest so much are fighting for the rights of EVERYONE’S right to free speech, not just haters….

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