Thank you

> Mikey and the MRFF team,
> Things have really changed at (USAF installation’s name withheld) AFB very quickly, considering
> that it was only 20 days ago that I first asked for your help. When I
> contacted you that Saturday morning on behalf of myself and a dozen of
> my fellow Airmen (the majority of whom are practicing Christians), the culture at the (USAF unit’s name withheld) Group was not one
> of religious neutrality. There was an alarming pattern emerging in the
> (USAF unit’s name withheld) group, permitted/encouraged by our Commander that fostered
> dogmatic Christian language and messages at three official functions
> within a four week period. This was creating an atmosphere that
> reeked of sectarian attitudes that implicitly harassed airmen with Christian beliefs that did not conform to these proselytizing messages as well as airmen who held
> other religious or non-religious views. Before learning of MRFF, my
> choices were stark; suffer silently while our rights to a religious
> neutral federal workplace were eroding, or speak up and be identified
> as an apostate (not a good move for anyone’s career)!
> Within 2 hours of contacting you, AF general officers at HQ in Washington D.C. at the Pentagon were
> mobilized. Within 5 hours the Wing commander had ordered my group
> commander to account for his/her actions. At the 24 hour mark all
> commanders on base were called to a crisis meeting to discuss
> religious neutrality and were required to implement immediate changes
> that safeguard religious neutrality. 48 hours later my group commander
> was apologizing to the 300+ members of the (USAF unit’s name withheld) group.
> The command inquiry just concluded. I do not know what the final
> report looks like. I have my doubts that the right questions were
> asked and whether anyone dared to tell the truth (an inquiry requires
> that those selected for interview sign a sworn statement that reveals
> their identity). Nevertheless, the results that matter have already
> occurred: religious messaging is no longer a part of meetings,
> functions, or formations on (USAF installation’s name withheld) Air Force Base. I’ve got my
> constitutional rights back and so do 6,000 other active duty USAF airmen,
> thanks to all of you at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
> BTW, after these desperately needed changes were implemented, everyone
> at (USAF installation’s name withheld) AFB can still go or not go to church, pray or not pray, worship or
> not worship. Doesn’t that sound like the America our founding fathers
> dreamed of creating?


USAF Officer’s name, rank, AFSC, assigned USAF unit and USAF installation all withheld)

This is proof positive that MRFF has achieved a status in which it has become a force majeure.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were still regarded by many, perhaps a majority, of those at least somewhat familiar with us as anti-Christian and Atheistic.

But now, thanks to the many positive outcomes obtained by Mikey and our dedicated staff and volunteers, we have started to be viewed as an organization whose sole purpose is to protect the religious freedom of each and every armed forces member and visibly uphold the United States Constitution draping it, as a mantle, over the shoulders of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guard, Reservists and National Guard as armor against overbearing, militaristic and often illegal religious activity.

Those who have attempted to insert negative religious doctrine into military operations reached a peak several years ago at many military facilities and service academies seriously affecting our military, especially our young cadets who were almost totally at the mercy of fundamentalist supervisors. By no means, however, is the threat over. Strict doctrinal and fundamentalist Christian groups continue to try and insert religion oriented practices into daily military life.

We of MRFF and our supporters must remain vigilant against any attempt to co-opt constitutional and military law and the infiltration of vital military installations by those who would bastardize constitutional military operations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice with unconstitutional religious doctrine.

Please pass this along to our management, staff, volunteers, public relations operatives, responders, et al.


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