3/11/14 2 Hours and 9 Minutes Until Another MRFF Win at USAF Academy

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Air Force Academy removes Bible verse from cadet’s whiteboard

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • The Air Force Academy removed a Bible verse posted on a cadet’s whiteboard after it determined the posting had offended other cadets, a spokesman for the academy said.
    The cadet wrote the passage on the whiteboard posted outside his room. “I have been crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live, but Christ lives in me,” the verse from Galatians read.
    Mikey Weinstein, director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, told me 29 cadets and four faculty and staff members contacted his organization to complain about the Christian passage.
    “Had it been in his room – not a problem,” Weinstein told me. “It’s not about the belief. It’s about the time, the place and the manner.”
    He said the Bible verse on the cadet’s personal whiteboard created a hostile environment at the academy.
  • Weinstein said he immediately contacted the Air Force Academy and filed a complaint. Exactly two hours and nine minutes later, the Bible verse had been scrubbed from the cadet’s whiteboard.
    A spokesman for the AFA confirmed that the religious text was cleansed from the board.
    Weinstein told me the Air Force Academy did a good job in fixing the problem and credited Lt. Col. Denise Cooper.
    “She immediately said this is wrong and will use it as a teachable moment,” he said.
  •  “It’s not a gray area, this is absolute misconduct,” he said. “Not only should the cadet be punished but (also) his/her responsible USAFA cadet and officer chain of command who ignored this blatant and egregious violation of Air Force regulation 1-1 and the United States Constitution.”
    The 1-1 regulation Weinstein cited is an extensive document with a section on religious proselytizing and other religious matters.

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Bible verse gets Mikey going, again

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • About a month ago, a top leader at the Air Force Academy gave a resounding endorsement to Air Force Regulation 1-1, which we reported on here. Dean of Faculty Brig. Gen. Andy Armacost essentially reminded faculty and staff that the Air Force regulation bars the endorsement of one religion over another and proselytizing among the ranks.
  • Perhaps he should deliver the same lecture to cadets, in light of a message one cadet scrawled on a board outside his room.
  • To the academy’s credit, when several people at the academy reported the Bible verse to Military Religious Freedom Foundation director Mikey Weinstein, and he in turn contacted the academy, the verse was removed. The officer with whom Weinstein dealt called it a “teachable moment.”
  • But Weinstein is baffled as to why someone at the academy didn’t report the verse directly to leadership. He suggests that lack of reporting demonstrates that not all is well at the academy, which has been under fire for years for favoring fundamentalist Christianity.
  • “How many walked by and looked at this?” Weinstein asks. He adds that 33 people at the academy — 29 cadets and 4 faculty and staff — reported it to MRFF but didn’t feel comfortable reporting it to leadership.
  • That underscores Weinstein’s contention that the climate at the academy remains hostile to anyone who doesn’t buy in to the fundamentalist point of view.
  • The Bible verse was up for two hours and nine minutes, he says, before it was removed after his call.
  • He blames Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson for not driving the point home and backing up the regulation with punishment for violators.
  • Asked to address the issue, Maj. Brus Vidal, academy spokesman, says this via e-mail:We don’t see misconduct here but the division between your personal room and the hallway is a gray area. The whiteboards are for both official and personal use, but when a concern was raised we addressed it and the comment was taken down. We also don’t know who posted the message.

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  1. Bill Johnson March 11, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    “…only one religious scripture: The American Constitution…”

    Somehow I don’t think Muslims would buy that….
    Or Buddhists….
    Or Jews…

    And I’m sure you don’t give two shits that neither would Christians….

    And I’m sure it makes no difference to you that the Declaration of Independence says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with…

    And who the fuck do you think that CREATOR is, Mr. All-Knowing, self-righteous, pompous-ass bigot that you are, Mr. Wienerstein?

    You’re such a self-righteous prick.

  2. Michael Cranston March 11, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    I read your comments on the removal of a Bible verse from the USAFA whiteboard and I initially thought it was a satire. You called USAFA a “virulently hyper-fundamentalist Christian institution” and said there was “an already raging out-of-control conflagration of fundamentalist Christian tyranny, exceptionalism and supremacy at USAFA.” How can you expect to be taken seriously with such silly hyperbole? As a non-Christian at the USAFA, I found no such issues. Your claims do not even remotely resemble what I experienced during my 4 years at the Academy.

  3. James Slark March 11, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    that person who wrote it has run, lying for his lord, while ignoring the institutions that he seeks to harm, his school and his country. And of course his determination is resolute, for he’s a christianist soldier. Our military and our country demand personal integrity, those who lie for the lord have none in reference to reality, and must be treated as such.

  4. Evan Queitsch March 12, 2014 at 9:42 am

    FYI: There is a second part to the religious freedom clause, it states “Congress shall make no law”…”PROHIBITNG THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”. By telling service members that they can’t post personal messages, you are in fact prohibiting the free exercise of their religion. Of course, your words are comically scary and hypocritical.

    This whole thing is an absolute joke. Next, you’ll be demanding that we change the language in the Declaration of Independence because the same people that wrote the clause you misuse for your anti-religious purposes wrote about a Creator that some people don’t believe in today.

    You’re a joke and a fraud and the fact that you even have enough funding to run this website, much less engage in these ridiculous assaults on our brave men and women, is nothing short of disgusting. The upside is that until today, I had never noted your ridiculous rhetoric and it is my prayer that more people will see it, see you for the fraud that you are and encourage others to do the same. Hopefully, this wake up call cuts off every dime of funding you receive and you end up having to fold and fade away into the dustbin of history…where you belong.

  5. jon coville March 12, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Mickey meet Jesus, he died for you

  6. Mike March 12, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    What a joke. Forcing a cadet to remove an innocuous quote from his personal whiteboard is a major victory…really. Supposedly another cadet was offended…really. If this is the case, then our nation is in grave danger. How would such a cadet hold up under real pressure as a military officer. How would they hold up in combat? Would they melt as the radical muslims quoted the koran, or perhaps a few lines from the enemy’s national anthem or perhaps an add on the back of a cereal box would have running to mikey for help. As a USAFA graduate and career AF officer, I am surprised at the knee-jerk reaction of the Academy leadership. The fight shouldn’t be freedom from religion but rather freedom of idiocy. How sad that this is the current condition of the Academy, the AF, and our nation.

  7. Justin Hebert March 13, 2014 at 11:02 am

    I noticed in a related article (titled “MRFF WIN PROVOKES UPRISING BY FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN CADETS AT USAFA”) that you single out the “fundamentalist Christian cadets” for their response to feeling as though their religious freedom was threatened but make no mention of those who quoted the Quran. Why was the aticle titled this way? Do you find one more offensive than the other?

  8. Etaoin Shrdlu June 13, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    I wonder how many of those supporting the message posted outside the cadet’s room would have been as supportive had a different message been there? Say, one of the following:

    “There is no God but Alllah, and Mohamed is His Prophet.”

    “Hare, Krishna!”

    “Christ is a fraud, he’s not the Lord. He’s dead and dust for two thousand years, and he ain’t coming back no more!”

    Yeah, I’m sure you’d rise to defend ALL of those!

  9. A. Walter Erickson April 3, 2019 at 6:40 am

    It never fails to surprise me when some bombthrower rises to attack generally recognized American rights like free speech, religious freedoms and right to own and use your property, the individual doing the bombthrowing is a Jew. Before you start attacking me, check it out. Who the hell appointed this privileged elitist discrete group, comprising less than 3% of our population as the arbiters of conduct and rights of the rest of us? There overrepresentation in the law, media and academia gives them a wealthy and powerful platform from which to attack, demean and slander anyone who dares to violate their world view. Think about it. They should STFU and move along.

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