Comment on your letter to the Military acadamy about the student writing a passage from his bible.

> Good Morning,
> Maybe the religious people should get together and sue you for hatemongering and intolerance. Am I a Christian? No… Actually I am a Buddhist. I do find it rather amusing that you preach tolerance and inclusiveness while demanding the exclusion of those you do not agree with.
> I do find it offensive that you preach peace and coexistence which are tenants of my philosophical beliefs and views. But let’s be honest about it. Tolerance in your definition of the word is only when it aligns with your world view and personal doctrine. If it does not, it cannot be allowed to be seen, heard or read.
> You can call this hate speech, as I am sure you will. (My opinion and beliefs do not fit your world view) but at least be honest with yourself, your readers already know it. The segregation being conducted is by you and organizations like you. You do not want to see views other than your own posted anywhere.
> I hope you have a great day

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for your note to MRFF. It is important that you know that our main thrust is to guarantee religious freedom for each and every member of our armed forces.

There are many, including some high ranking officers and NCO’s who are Christian fundamentalist and attempt to evangelize subordinates.

It is these extremists against which MRFF attempts to intercede and no others. We greatly support free religious belief in the military

MRFF is currently addressing over 40,000 complaints from our young Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Reservists, National Guard and Coast Guardsmen as to being proselytized. Of this number fully 96% are self identified Christians.

Although it may occasionally appear that MRFF concentrates it’s efforts on Christians it is only because the main contributors to religious hegemony in the military identify as Christians.

One group, identified as “Dominion Christians” believe that our armed forces should be a Christian fighting force able to aid in converting world populations to Christianity.

As you can see our goal is vital to religious freedom in our military.

Thank you for your concern.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (ret)
MRFF Volunteer

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  1. FAAQ2

    Your organization is truly the anti-christ – why not return to hell from which you were spawned – The fact that religion is in the military should be the least of your worries- one would think that a little religion never hurt anyone. Why not concentrate on the anti-trligion hate mongers like those morons in the Baptist church that continues to protest at Military Funerals. Those are the troublemakers giving religion a bad name.

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