Dear Mr. Weinstein

I’ve read various sections of both supporters and non-supporters. In my 31 years in the Navy Reserves, 6 active – two deployments, I have never seen any religious discrimination as has been portrayed by your website – either from the supporters or the non-supporters.

From my days in boot camp in 1972 til my retirement in 2011, no one was forced to attend any religious ceremony or was discriminated against for either attending or not attending any service – ever! Nor did I ever hear of anyone mentioning such discrimination. If anything, I found most people laughing at all religious practices and making fun of those who did practice Christianity. I never saw anyone being “forced” to listen to anything Christian, or Jewish, or any other religion.

However, I do find that your MRFF is more focused on eliminating Christianity in every form possible rather than “protecting” religious rights. The statements you use to describe Christianity are extremely vile and most disturbing, not to mention inaccurate.

I do not hate you or anyone – but I do heartily disagree with your views. The “detractors” don’t represent Christianity and, if they do exist, it seems that they are speaking more out of total frustration rather than any threats. In addition, the grammar is quite atrocious, not to mention the spelling – be that as it may – it still does not cancel out their views, frustration or legitimacy.

I suppose humans will always have something to fight about – sad, but unfortunately true. I do not support your MRFF nor its tenets.

Since God is God of us all, I do pray for you, myself and all others – may God have mercy on us all – we all desperately need it!

Most Respectfully,
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

It’s good to know you saw no evidence of religious discrimination during your time in the military. That is as it should be. You may not have seen discrimination against women or homosexual or lesbian servicemembers either, but I’m sure you understand your not having seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It is sad that you saw people “laughing at all religious practices and making fun of those who did practice Christianity.” I hope you objected to that. If it was done by a superior at the expense of a subordinate or subordinates, it is exactly the kind of action the MRFF would oppose.

Your assessment of the actions of the MRFF, though, gives hints of possibly why you never saw any form of religious discrimination during your time in the service. Maybe you just weren’t paying attention. You certainly haven’t been paying attention to our work if you’ve somehow come to the conclusion that our efforts are aimed at “eliminating Christianity in every form possible.” If you’ve found some of the statements made by Mr. Weinstein or anyone associated with the MRFF problematic, you’ve incorrectly assumed they were directed at “Christianity” rather than at the tactics of a particular sect of the faith, a fundamentalist belief system known to some as “Dominionist Christianity,” a totalitarian belief system that condemns all faith beliefs other than its own, including Christian faiths. If something said about this bigoted and repulsive “faith” troubled you, so be it, but whatever you feel about the words chosen, they were not “inaccurate.”

I quite agree with you about those who attack Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF if, that is, that’s what you meant by your reference to “detractors.” They certainly do not represent Christianity as I, or the vast majority of those associated with the MRFF who happen to be Christians, understand it. Contrary to your attempt to rationalize them, however, I believe their messages contain no “legitimacy.” To suggest, as you do by the inclusion of the phrase “if they do exist” with reference to the “detractors” and their often unbelievably vile attacks, that these attacks are not real seems to be yet another indication of your ability to apparently see what you choose to see and miss what you choose to miss.

In short, they exist. And while many of the most brutal and sometimes frightening attacks are clearly sent by ignorant people who have no relationship with or understanding of true Christianity, those who manipulate and use them for their own ends are much more clever and doubtless much more intelligent, if sadly just as bigoted and mean-spirited. They are also, may I add, profoundly power-hungry, hence their efforts to infiltrate the military.

Since you are a believer and end with a prayer and a wish to have us understand your message is sent with respect, I will thank you for that. I do not thank you for your gross misunderstandings, your incorrect assertions and the suggestion of dishonesty on our part.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Daniel Shaw

    WOW, is all I can say. Your foundation mission statement is scary to begin with . Mike’s response is so incredibly politically correct ,that i wonder if he got lessons from Harry Reid ! Where does the money come from to support such self-righteous , self serving ,leftist ideologist interpretation of our constitution ? I suspect, it comes from the same deep dark tar pit that the southern poverty law center mines . May the money make you happy beyond your wildest hopes. However may the free men of these United States of America ,know in their hearts, right from wrong , and oppose your interpretation of their rights.

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