FEATURED MRFF INBOX POST (Hate Mail) – Ever Notice?

Ever notice how the death counts are skyrocketing for both sides in the war in Israel and Gaza?

Ever notice how neither side has Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? Ever notice how Mikey Weinstein is perfecting his gastly job of erasing the innocent Grace and love of Jesus Christ in the USA’s military? Ever notice where dead American soldiers will go if we let Mikey keep Jesus out of their lives?

Ever notice how Mikey Weinstein is a jew? A jew who rejects the love and saving Grace of Jesus Christ? And does this boldly for all to see. Hides behind the constiution as the MFRF persicutes lovers of the Only True Son of God. Christ Jesus sees MIkey and the MFRF too. Ever notice what Jesus Christ will do to Mikey and his MFRF follower slaves?

Ever notice how Mikey Weinstein (when he finally dies we pray) and the dead muslims in Gaza and the dead Israelis will all burn together in hell eternel? For refusing Christ’s free gift of being saved in His blood? “Free” Mikey. What a deal and all we know jews cannot turn down free deals. (Except when the Son of the God they murdered offers his free forgiveness to them huh.)

May they all burn forever in the land of their leader satan. Christ’s enemies burning for all time. Ever notice how AWESOME this makes us all feel? Just sayin’.

(name withheld)
Rockin’ It With Jesus and Spreading the Gospel to All Soldiers For Christ
Praying for Mikey and the MFRF to fuel the bondfires of hell

On behalf of Mikey Weinstein and MRFF:

“Ever notice” how those who are so uninformed and undereducated as to be unable to even spell correctly or use their computer and/or internet for help in spelling are the very ones to take great glee in the dream of others burning in hell eternally, tortured with pain and agony, all for the sake of their Jesus?

“Ever notice” how many of them claim that the Jews killed Jesus?

“Ever notice” how anonymous their phony email addresses are, and how cowardly they attack from behind claims of military service? If their service were real, one would have to question their honesty and honor for taking the oath to support and defend the Constitution while simultaneously mocking it, as in the email, below.

“Ever notice” how same individuals claim to be Christian, even to think angrily yet proudly of themselves as good Christians, while behaving not at all as Jesus would do?

Those of us who support MRFF and the real religious freedom of real military members, veterans, DoD civilian counterparts and their families have noticed. That is why we disdain and ignore you. You are nothing more than sick-minded trolls.

Now, go away, troll.

Ever notice how dumb-asses like these 6 bigoted, anti-semitic, Islamo-phobic, and downright pathetic excuses for NCOs (if indeed they are) continue to shoot off their ignorant shit-traps despite their obvious ignorance?

Ever notice how many of them (almost 100%) cannot spell or write grammatically, and clearly don’t know or understand the Constitution they have sworn an oath to uphold and defend which grants freedom of conscience to all citizens, and not just their bigoted and disgusting militant and theocratic version of “Christianity”?

Ever notice how they (along with their racist brethren) are great examples of how NOT to be Christians, and keep giving proof of the fallacy of their theories?

What putzes!

Hey 6 Army NCO’s (sic) –

Ever notice how so many frightened religious fanatics have grabbed onto Jesus and their own twisted version of Christianity to make them feel safe in a complicated world? Ever notice how their so-called Christianity contradicts actual Christian principles? Ever notice how these poor fools’ ignorance is betrayed by their inability to spell simple words? Ever notice how they are cowards who use fake addresses because they’re ashamed of themselves for being so stupid? Ever notice how their antisemitism and their fear of Islam controls their minds? Ever notice how they pretend to be actual warriors in the military when most of them couldn’t qualify to serve?

I didn’t think so. But look around. You might be surprised.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Lynda

    Rock On my Brothers and Sisters of MRFF! For those who wish us dead bring it back upon themselves.

  2. Ever notice that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi in Judea before Constantine and the Romans chose to call him Christ and removed the legal stigma and persecution associated with being Christians?

    Ever notice how evangelical and fundamentalist Christians have worked hard to make our military soldiers of Christ when they should, first and foremost, be protecting and defending the constitution of the United States and ALL U.S. citizens?

    Ever notice that followers of Christ don’t determine where non-Christians or Christians of whatever beliefs go after death, especially which ones are to be rewarded and which ones are to be punished in everlasting fire? By your belief, only Jesus/God can determine the separation of sheep from goats, and their disposition, in the End Times.

    Ever notice how Mikey Weinstein, the Jew, works hard to protect and defend people of all races and religions as per their rights from the Constitution of the United States?

    Ever notice how Jesus, the Jew, as a shepherd instead of a militant man with a sword, accepted all people: ignorant fishermen, tax collectors and, even, prostitutes?

    Ever notice how Jesus, the Jew, was murdered by the Romans, not the Jews. Jews didn’t punish people by hanging them on crosses; Romans did.

    I have noticed how bloodthirsty and hateful some people who call themselves Christians seem to be. If Jesus were to return, do you think he’d claim you as his believer and follower? I have my doubts. Think how AWESOME you will feel when Jesus turns his face away from you and says, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

    An American who believes in the Constitution

  3. Joe Odom

    Ever notice how so many devout and well informed hate-filled so-called Christians have no clue about anything in their religion, much less the Nostra Aetate?

    Ever notice how they fail to uphold the laws and resolutions of our elected civilian government to which they swore to uphold and defend?

    Put this in your browser and sit back and relax to find just how far off you are from people who breathe freely.

    Latest Title: Concurrent resolution recognizing the 40th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s promulgation of Noestra Aetate, the declaration on the relation of the Roman Catholic Church to non-Christian religions, and the historic role of Nostra Aetate in fostering mutual interreligious respect and dialogue.
    Sponsor: Rep Holt, Rush [NJ-12] (introduced 10/6/2005) Cosponsors (65)
    Latest Major Action: 11/10/2005 Passed/agreed to in Senate. Status: Resolution agreed to in Senate without amendment and with a preamble by Unanimous Consent.

    Just sayin’ – a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Joe Odom – USAF Veteran

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