FRIENDLY ATHEIST – Bryan Fischer Blames Air Force Academy Scandals on Christian Watchdog Group and Calls for Its Leader’s “Removal”

Selected Article Excerpt:

As usual, Fischer is full of shit. It’s not just his opinions that are messed up; it’s his facts.

Weinstein didn’t cause any problems; DeBerry brought those on himself.

MRFF never sued DeBerry. They only sued the school.

Weinstein isn’t an atheist. He’s an Agnostic.

And we know putting up religious banners in the locker room won’t do anything to fix the problems; just look at all the sexual abuse scandals taking place in Christian colleges right now if you need evidence of that.

I spoke with Weinstein over the phone this afternoon to ask what he thought of Fischer’s accusation. He told me that if we followed Fischer’s advice, it would take the AFA back to the hellish times of 2004, when you couldn’t get away from all the proselytizing. Weinstein even compared it to somebody in Biloxi, Mississippi suggesting we go back to the time of Hurricane Katrina, adding:

We currently have 387 clients at the AFA… Of them, 312 are practicing Protestants or Roman Catholics. When I see this type of blame here, I sit back in astonishment.

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  1. watchtower

    Where was the cadets AF CORE VALUES anyway? Some are credibly accused of rape, drug use and cheating and somehow its Mikey’s fault? I think not. If these kids may be Christian, and not to mention cadet OFFICERS in the USAF, then why are they not behaving themselves as respectable USAF Officer candidates? Why do they need a DeBerry like person to keep them in-line so to speak? A three-year Coincidence? I think not.

    RenewAmerica/Fisher should be ashamed for blaming Mickey for these cadets failure to embrace our AF core values and act like USAF Officers with integrity and respect, not because one man has a prayer before a football game.

    These kids should be sent back home to their parents and let them take care of “their” problems, not the American people…we deserve better!

  2. I think this AFA bozo missed the history of the sexual assault issues prior to DeBerry’s departure! And sexual harassment going back to the 1980’s (I know personally).

    I wrote an op-ed on this issue for The Guardian,

    and am coming out with another on infiltration of the evangelicals into the military — specifically beginning with the USAFA.
    Thanks for the work you do. This craziness leaves all of us scratching our heads.

  3. jimbo

    Please delete previous comment.

    “This craziness leaves all of us scratching our heads.”

    I have totally predicted this outcome, on these pages. It goes like this; christianity and islam each mandate adherents convert others, leading to lying, hatred, war and killing. That’s what is driving the attempted coup in our military, I know there are better words for describing, but briefly, it’s power. Using a non-existent supernatural being allows one to believe anything, and misbelieve. I know it’s not polite to say what it is these days, thank you Mikey, but take the christianist emotion away from issue and what do you have, a power grab for this country. In my humble opinion they are deadly opponents, for they do things for their non-existent supernatural beings, like lie. So you can never believe any of them, simply because they put their ideology over the Constitution. Their gods DEMAND they do this, and they are specifically attempting to accomplish their goal. That being said, please pardon my outburst, but if my thesis is correct about the christianists, then this country has no choice but to act, in some format, even just a high powered short term study.

    I have a simple solution, as it must have been at some time: proselytize and you’re out. Begin immediately, at all levels. Know what proselytizing is, adherents using any means possible including lying for the lord, and shooting doctors in the back to further the cause of the gods they pray to. That’s harsh, but so is the dominionist reality.

    jeez, I bet President Obama can take care of this. Then all the christianists can go back to being just plain old good Christians instead of insurrectionists.

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