FEATURED LETTER FROM A MRFF CLIENT – “There are still heroes”

Mr. Weinstein sir I wanted to write to thank you and all of the good people at the MRFF who fight for us soldiers, and our rights not be proselytized to accept the type of Christianity of our commanders and supervisors. I am an active duty combat solider in the U.S. Army. Sir I hate to ask this but please do not use my name rank or other specific identity when you use this email. Which I sure hope you will use. Except not my name and stuff. I drove quite a ways yesterday with some friends to see you speak in Denver at that convention. All the speakers were interesting and good. But Mr. Weinstein sir you stole the show and left us all so happy that the MRFF is here to protect and fight for us. I brought my own copy which my wife (name withheld) bought of your book No Snowflake in an Avalanche. Thank you for autographing my book to her name at the book signing you did after the speech. I was the (height descriptor withheld) guy with the (color withheld) shirt the (color withheld) hair and the (style withheld) haircut. The line was real long and you probably don’t remember me.

My story. I deployed many times to both Iraq and Afghanistan before I was even (number of years withheld) years old. I have killed many of the enemy. I have held my battle buddies and said goodby to them as they died in my lap. They bled out with their eyes open and I cried for them. I have the nightmares and my wife holds me when I scream in dreams at night. I have seen all that you talked about and it is totally true. And even worse. There are a ton of examples but the worst sticks in my mind. Its what my Company Comm. told us after a long engagement with the enemy in (name of Province withheld) province in Afghanistan. We had many injured and dead among us and our ISAF troops. He looked at our dead and told us that we needed to get right with Jesus before this might happen to us. No one said anything for a bit. Our (Army combat enlisted job description withheld) asked him what he meant and our Company Comm. said that our own dead guys who had not been born again and accepted Jesus as their personal savior were now in hell. Hell? I was shocked. Messed up. And there were others who also were. Our (Army combat enlisted job description withheld) had no expression on his face. But we know he was also shocked. But the Comm. is a Captain and we’re enlisted. Plus he’s our CO. And he said this in front of other countrys troops too. Especially the (Country’s name withheld) troops and even the (unit designation withheld) Afghan National Army ANA combat soldiers were there to hear this. You know how that shit from our Capt. went down with them right sir?

Anyways sir there are many more things I can say but the biggest is thank you to you Mr. Weinstein and everyone at the MRFF who won’t give up on us. We all know it must be hard to keep it all going especially with all the threats. Sir couldn’t help but notice the cops who stayed all over you like glue where ever you went yesterday at the speech. Everyone talked about that.

My wife and I have your first book too With God on our Side. We’re excited to hear of the new book coming out by your wife showing all the hate mail. Eyes will open! Oh by the way I went down range at first as a atheist but came back as a bit of a Chrsitian. Just makes me and my wife feel good together at times. Like you said sir in your talk about you being Jewish but not too much. But I’m not the right kind of Christian for my chain of command. As you too said many times in your speech. People say we don’t have heroes anymore. Their wrong because we have you and the MRFF. You all are our battle buddies now. And there is nothing I can say that is any better than that about anyone. Thank you all for taking the heat for us. Thank you all for being our heroes.


(U.S. Army soldier’s name, rank, MOS, combat unit and military installation all withheld by request)

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  1. Dave Gentile

    Dear Writer,

    Thank you for your brave service in the face of the tragedies you experienced. You are obviously squared away.

    Dear MRFF,

    I’m not a client but I believe very strongly in your mission and wanted to send you a little brightness. Reading much of your mail is like seeing an accident – it’s horrible but you can’t look away. I truly admire the restraint you all show when answering hateful and deluded trolls. It’s truly sad that religion twists so many minds. I hope my humble addition to the terrific letter above gives you a bit of a boost to face the next rotten letter.

  2. Rev Chris Miller

    Dear Soldier:

    I’m a sailor, not a soldier, but I spent 20 years in the Navy, most as a Chaplain. And as a Lutheran, I’m often not considered the “right kind” of christian. But you know what? I am comfortable with that. It is the right fit for me. You are entitled to the faith–or being without a specific faith–that you wish to practice. There is no such thing as the “right kind” of Christianity..or Judaism or anything else. That is the beauty of our Constitution.

    When I entered the Chaplain Corps, we learned that our job as a chaplain was to be with our troops. To START with where the TROOPS are. If I can find a way to minister to those troops–in other words, to walk with the troops where the troops are–not where I am–that is great. If I cannot, it is my responsibility to find another chaplain or someone else who CAN. I can’t just say: I disapprove of your faith, and therefore, not my job. And it is ABSOLUTELY not my job to say: I’m right and you’re wrong *(the only exception I can think of is if the two of you are of exactly the same denomination, such as Roman Catholics). Any Chaplain that puts you down in that way is NOT upholding their oath of office.

    I am afraid we have too many Chaplains today who spend all their time making the troops believe like them. That’s not why we are there. We are there to be with YOU. To walk with you through the “valley of the shadow of death”…in some of the hardest times you may ever face…and help you find answers to your questions, fears and hopes, so that you come home, mentally, and faithfully, in one piece.

    God Bless you in whatever your faith, and however your life unfolds.

    Pr Chris (CDR, USN, Ret)

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