Mr. Weinstein Why?

Mr. Weinstein, it seems to me and my fellow Air Force Academy grad classmates that you are pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-Islam, pro-atheist, anti-Christian, anti-Jesus. anti-Bible, pro-females (over males), anti-Christmas, anti-military, anti-USAFA, anti-guns, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian? Why are you so wrong on every issue that makes America the greatest country in the world, sir?

How did you ever even manage to graduate from our esteemed Academy?

Shame, shame on you and your Academy graduate children too.


xxxxxxx x. xxxxxxx, USAFA Class of xxxx

(You do not have permission to use my name, Academy graduating class or e-mail address)

Mr X,

You are approximately one-third right below. Indeed, Mr Weinstein is pro-gay, pro-Islam, pro-atheist, pro-female. (As for abortion–I won’t speak for him, but there are many loyal and patriotic Americans serving in our Armed Forces that disagree on this hot topic). But, you have the latter two-thirds wrong. He is also profoundly pro-male (i.e, pro-gender equality),pro-Christian, pro-Jesus (at least concerning his teaching and ideas of acceptance and forgiveness), pro-Bible (i.e., pro free speech, free practice, free press), distinctly and demonstrably pro-military (virtually ALL of his family is or has served), pro-USAFA (defending hundreds of cadets from bullying and discrimination), pro-guns (since he needs to defend himself and his family against an astonishing number of whacko death threats on an almost daily basis), pro-Israel (duh!), and pro-Palestinian in that he support universal human rights of self-determination, respect, etc.

Please give specifics on where he is wrong. Is he wrong for supporting and defending the most perfect government document ever written by man (The Constitution) — to which I’ve affirmed my intent to support and defend for over THIRTY-(number withheld) years of active duty — and its guarantees of free practice and anti-establishment? Is he wrong to support subordinate military members from being forced to practice religious beliefs (or eschew their beliefs) in order to placate a superior or protect their opportunity for retention and promotion? Let’s remember, well over 90% of his clients are practicing, devout Christians who have come to him as their only recourse against bullying superiors who think that they are ‘not Christian enough’ or not of the right flavor for advancement in that superior’s “Air Force.” Should he and the MRFF NOT defend the Jewish or Muslim or Hindu cadet or airman against blatant bias–as we all would defend those subjected to racial or gender bias? In other words, what problem do you have, how is he wrong is insisting that our Department of Defense and all its members: treat others with respect; treat others as valuable individuals able to contribute to our defense; expect that in the work place superiors and all members maintain the kind of religious and political neutrality that makes our military the envy of the world and a model of (simultaneously) effectiveness AND diversity that reflects our population. Please, do tell me where he is wrong with cases and specific actions that I can address.

Until then, my friend and fellow member of the Long Blue Line, you can SIERRA-TANGO-FOXTROT-UNIFORM.

An Active Duty Senior Air Force Officer and USAFA Grad

Fellow graduate

As you requested Mikey to withhold all your information – to include your class – he has, so I am somewhat at a loss in attempting to understand your background and how you – and your grad classmates – could absolutely miss the mark. Where on God’s green earth do you get your information?

I am assuming you went on Active Duty after graduation – so at least twice you have raised your right hand and swore: “… will support and defend the Constitution of the United States …”

When was the last time you looked at that document? I really do not mean to insult you – but your assessment of Mikey standing up for equal protection under the Constitution and thinking he is the one who is wrong does make me wonder about your premise.

The Preamble: “… in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice …”

While I am not a lawyer or Constitutional scholar – here is what I see …

– They were NOT perfect, but attempting to work towards a more perfect Union. We are a work in progress – in my faith, we humans are all flawed – but hopefully – on a path to being better.

– They wanted justice. And at that time the founding fathers did not consider women equal (had to wait until 1919 for women to get the vote) and many owned “slaves” (somewhat better, 1865 amendment), but they had a vision of what we could be as a nation.

– Equality is the bedrock of our Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness …”

Which brings us to Mikey and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) – which, in my opinion is often mis-characterized – as you have done. There are many avenues for you & your classmates to research – as it appears to me – you have done very little. Start with MRFF’s Mission* – it is NOT advancing anyone’s cause over another’s … it is providing equal protection under our Constitution’s First Amendment. (* It’s on MRFF’s website – under About.)

You seem to throw out numerous “glittering generalities” as they called them in Squadron Officer’s School – but you fail to substantiate any of your accusations with documentation to support your case. As an example – your first point – he is “pro-gay.” Having known Mikey & Bonnie since before graduation, I can tell you, he is very pro-Bonnie! In a statement* he believes that one’s sexual orientation is not a disqualifier for serving in our country’s armed forces. (* to quote Mikey: “Service members’ sexual orientation is just about as important as whether they are right or left-handed. If anyone has a problem with that they should put in their paperwork fold up their uniform and get the hell out of the US military now.” )

As for Mikey graduating – he was an Honor Graduate, went to Mc George School of Law, served as a JAG, and went on to serve in President Reagan’s White House while both on Active Duty and after separating from the USAF . How does your and your classmates’ resume(s) compare anonymous grad?

As for his “graduate children” … I know them well – and their graduate spouses. Do you have a specific incident you experienced with any of the 3 children or the 2 graduate spouses? Or just more – You disagree with a stance they may or may not have and you are into group shaming?

As for shame – you Sir or Ma’am – need to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself:

– Am I serving to make the USA a better country?

– To support and defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic?

– Think about the country you want … then Google: “Jason Jones Live From Sochi-ish – Better Off Red”

– And if you get the type of military / country that you think you want … what makes you think your brand of beliefs will be the dominate power? That you and your fellow believers will not be the odd man out? And with the discrimination that you seem to be advancing, I’m pretty sure those in power would have an “anti-” tag to identify you and your like thinking classmates.

Hint: not all Christians are alike; just ask the majority of MRFF clients that find out someone up the chain does not think they are Christian enough, or the correct type of Christians.

Our founding fathers had seen the injustice done when men corrupt religion to further their mission of power …

Our founding fathers gave us a more perfect Union …

Humanity’s history is littered with bias and bigotry – my assessment; Mikey is attempting to move towards the more perfect Union – you, not so much …

Stan Hill, ’77

Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

Contact information available via, Mikey at MRFF

Dear Fellow Grad –

I had not originally intended to write a response to your email; I know that there have already been several well-crafted replies from other grads. But after further deliberation, I decided that a short note is in order, if for no other reason than to let you know that there is yet another grad who strongly disagrees with your opinions.

As others have already made clear, your list of grievances against Mikey Weinstein is ridiculously wrong. For me, the bottom line is that Mikey and MRFF are ‘right’ on the single most important issue “that makes America the greatest country in the world” — the importance of defending the Constitutional protections of every service member. But you seem blinded by some self-righteous notion that being “right” means agreeing with you, so I’m quite certain you have no concept of how wrong you really are.

I find it curious that you insist on remaining completely anonymous. You are certainly entitled to do so, just makes me wonder why you are unwilling to take a public stand for your beliefs. One of the things that I most respect about Mikey Weinstein is his willingness to take a principled, unwavering and public stand in the face of anonymous sniping from the shadows, from the likes of folks like you.

Mike Challman
USAFA ’85 and MRFF supporter

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