FEATURED INBOX POST – burn in hell (with response)

> fuck your crybaby slut ass wife and fuck your crybaby spoiled children. Who got their fancy air force academy educations all paid for by the GRACE of Amercan CHRISTIAN taxpayers. And just look what we got for our tax money. The family Whiningsteen jew traitors from HELL.
> Cry cry cry cause you have it so bad in a CHRISTIAN made country. You know what you all happier in North koria or back in Jewsrael. get OUT of our country! Here Jesus is KING and if you dont like it than fuck you.
> And especially FUCK YOU MICKEY CRYBABY WHINESTEEN. Oh it must be so hard to be a little jewboy. fucking everything up in the Christian military for our Christian soldiers. Who have made your WHOLE WORTHLESS life even possible. OUR CHURCH HATE YOU!
> Hope you fucking die. Painfully and slow and suffer long. like you make our CHRISTIAN soldiers suffer. because thats what JEWS do all the time. Even to the Son of God.
> So you can now suffer you little peace of jew shit. FUCK YOU. wish you were never born.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld) —

You are a class act. I will guess that you are campaigning to be featured in Bonnie’s next book — God knows your note proves that you are well-qualified.

I’m a Christian myself, and deeply embarrassed by the nastiness and vitriol that you are spewing in the name of Christ.

My prayer is that Mikey, his beautiful and talented wife, and his wonderful family will live long, happy, fruitful lives…. and that God will bless them for their courage and commitment to an honorable mission, especially in the face of your brand of toxic hate.

I also pray that God will soften your hard heart.


Mike Challman
Christian, AF veteran, MRFF supporter

(name withheld), you ignoramus, you are everything that is wrong with pretending to be a Christian. I can only imagine the holy celebration of Christmas in your family, if there are others who will admit to being related to you.

Your cowardly, puny, pathetic message exemplifies everything Bonnie wrote about in her book. Read it; you’ll think it’s your biography.

If you’d had the courage to sign your real name we could have made you the poster boy for stupidity.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. martin macvicar

    Those comments are all one needs to know about the crackpot teabagging
    relgious zealots.

    three cheers for religious freedom and the Military Relgious Freedom group.

    martin macvicar family

  2. John Harvey

    It is obvious from your email that you are not a Christian. You do not follow the teachings of Jesus. Therefore, you are not one of his followers.

    John Harvey
    US Army veteran of
    Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm

  3. Carla Skidmore

    Mr or Ms No Name, says it all by posting, withholding his/her name, and writing in a way that a spoiled, foul mouthed middle school child might describe his or her feelings. These feelings and words are 180 degrees out from what Jesus would think or say. If Mr. or Ms. No Name thinks that he/she is a Christian. Jesus, in case Mr/Ms No Name has forgotten, was Jewish and encouraged his followers to look beyond their own religion and realize that all of us are God’s people.

  4. Jim

    Reading this note makes me nostalgic for the day now long gone when Christians didn’t curse like sailors in a whorehouse. Just another bit of civility we used to take for granted and have lost precisely because we took it for granted.

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