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So what has changed since 1954? Lots of things, obviously, but two stand out: 1. These are the last days. 2. Mikey Weinstein.

You probably remember Mr. Weinstein from previous programs. He heads the benignly and misleadingly named Military Religious Freedom Foundation or MRFF. (A more appropriate name would be the Military Freedom FROM Religion Foundation.)

The MRFF protested the chaplain’s column and within five hours it had been removed from Elmendorf’s website.

Apparently no place or venue is safe from Mr. Weinstein’s near-omnipresent gaze. He’s the guy who publicly called a Christian service member sharing his or her faith “spiritual rape.” He has labeled Christians “monsters,” “terrorists,” and “enemies of the Constitution.”

Who cares, you say? He sounds like a nut! Well, I agree, but President Obama doesn’t. In fact, Weinstein has become the Administration’s go-to guy on topics of “religious tolerance” in the U.S. military. Which sounds about par for the course these days — pick someone who has NO religious tolerance to advise the brass on religious tolerance.

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  1. Alan Burnham

    Sounds like Hal Lindsey is one of our American Taliban. The idea of a “Christain military” frightens me more that ISIS. Religious freedom is the reason people came to this land.

  2. watchtower

    What I find interesting is the desire for the religious-right to recall the “Old Days” of how things were and how outwardly religious Hal believes America really was. Back in the good’ole days, most Americans were hidden from the real-world, only hearing what the establishment wanted the to know. They also ignorantly believed what their preachers told them.

    Fast forward to the end of America’s combat role in Vietnam in 1973. It weakened public faith in government, and in the honesty and competence of its leaders. Indeed, skepticism, if not cynicism, and a high degree of suspicion of and distrust toward authority of all kind characterized the views of an increasing number of Americans in the wake of the war. The military, especially, was discredited…and you wonder why HAL to this day many Americans still do not trust our leaders (including the CHURCH)…AT ALL!

    Although most veterans did succeed in making the transition to ordinary civilian life, many did not. More Vietnam veterans committed suicide after the war than had died in it. Even more–perhaps three-quarters of a million–became part of the lost army of the homeless. And the nearly 700,000 draftees, many of them poor, badly educated, and nonwhite, who had received less than honorable discharges, depriving them of educational and medical benefits, found it especially difficult to get and keep jobs, to maintain family relationships, and to stay out of jail. Although a majority of Americans came to view dysfunctional veterans as needing support and medical attention rather than moral condemnation, the Veterans Administration, reluctant to admit the special difficulties faced by these veterans and their need for additional benefits, first denied the harm done by chemicals like Agent Orange and by the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) afflicting as many as 700,000, and then stalled on providing treatment. AND NOW LOOK WHAT THE VA IS DOING TO OUR VETERANS FROM 10 YEARS FIGHTING IN THE DESERT ALL BECAUSE THE REBIBLICAN PRESIDENT WANTED A WAR…FOR NO REASON AT ALL—BUT FOR OIL!!!

    Look HAL…our government is causing all the BS, not the MRFF. Why not attack them instead of people trying to make a difference in this world you stupid idiot!

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