Bonnie get away from him


So Bonnie Weinstein is complaining about the so-called ‘hate mail’ she gets from Christians in her new book? Too bad. What a shameless pity party. She doesn’t like it when we fight back against satan? Hey stupid lady it’s not ‘hate mail’ when those of Christ are trying to save her and her kids and grandchildren from their association with the evilest person alive. It’s called ‘help’ Bonnie. Its called caring Bonnie. Its called love lady. You and your kids deserve this from those of us who know Jesus Christ. You know the ones your husband is trying to destroy for his boss lucifer? Mikey Weinstein is a true demon from hell. He is pure evil. He tries to stop the Gospel from being spread to our soldiers. Like forcing the Army to take down that poster for our Lord and Country. Like all the persecution he doe against Christians. Wake up Bonnie! The same soldiers who win all of our wars to preserve this country’s Christian heritage. Look at history Bonnie. It was Christians on the wagons west and Christians who built this country of and for the Glory of Christ. Christians saved the American indians from going to hell and Christian stopped the nazis and commies from taking over the world. Christians liberated negroes from slavery and gave the jews Israel and are the only ones protecting the unborn and trying to keep marriage pure. It was even Christians whom put men on the moon. And now its Christians who die to stop the moslems from beheading us all. The common theme for you Bonnie is Christians. And do not believe that lie about ‘separation of church and state’. Not even in the constitution. Nowhere there. In America noone have to be Christian but they do have to hear and consider His Word. Bonnie you will go to hell with all you kids if you do not separate from your wicked husband. Take a good look at 1 Timothy 5:22 and John 3:18 and 2 Corinthians 6:14. And this is not ‘hate mail’ Bonnie Weinstein. Do not dare to call it that! This is LOVE mail. We are showing truest Christian love. And sacrifice in the name of The Lamb. We are here for you and your kids. We are trying to change your fate. We are trying to save you and your kids from your evil husband. He who cannot be saved. Get as far away from Mikey Weinstein as you can. Jesus is coming soon for him and his followers. Christ will slay Mikey Weinstein with The Sword of Righteousness. Your serpant husband will be cut down by Jesus and mutilated for his evil doings. Then him and they all will be cast wiggling and screaming into the Lake of Fire to burn for all time. See John 3:36 and Revelations 20:14. You still have time Bonnie and so do your kids. This is ‘Truth’ mail from those Christians who love you so much and your kids and grandkids too. You all come to know Christ now.
(name withheld)

Hi Mikey.
This schmuck’s screed is so dumb it is absolutely painful!!  What a screamingly stupid piece of shit this idiotic, brainless, arrogant, ignorant and absolutely clueless zealot is.
Did you ever notice that there seems to be an inverse proportion ratio between zealotry and intelligence in most of these letters? As their zealotry increases, intelligence decreases — in this case to the vanishing point…
I notice the writer uses a “psy” in the made-up “handle” — I think it probably is short for “psychotic.”
Stupidity, bigotry and ignorance of almost everything (especially grammar, spelling, usage, history, and even religion, ad infinitum et ad nauseam) seems to  be the common denominator among these asinine dweebs.
Please feel free to post this under this latest bulletin from Pscyho-ville.

Oh, (name withheld), you poor demented fool. Bonnie wasn’t complaining, she was exposing you and the other fake Christians who spew venom, live in fear and call hatred love. She was laughing at you and letting the world know
the truth about the self-hypnotic trance you and your fellow cult members suffer from. She’s showing the world that you try to compensate for the rage that threatens to consume you by spouting lies, racist nonsense
and anti-Semitic garbage in a vain attempt to frighten others  into thinking as poorly of themselves as you think of yourself.Your essay is typical of your ilk. We read this crap all the time. Like the stuff vomited at us by the rest of your pathetic brethren, it reeks of ignorance, racist condescension and an attempt to justify libelous
nonsense by wrapping it in a pretense of Christian concern. If the Hell you try to frighten people with were to actually exist, it would be slobbering over the anticipation of sucking you into its gaping maw.

I know real Christians, like those working with and supporting the MRFF, are dreadfully embarrassed at you and others who have the audacity to pretend allegiance to Jesus while twisting his teaching into such a
gruesome parody.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. MerlynneHerne

    Wow what a sick comment from the first poster! Yeah, sure you “love” Bonnie and her children, you JERK. Why don’t you leave non-Christians alone?

  2. The original letter is quite an example of the typical Liar for Christ. It hits all of the points: the Orwellian claim that control is “love”; the constant lies that only Christians can do good things; the usual sadistic glee when they fantasize about their hell; and the usual utter ignorance. It’s a shame since I do know decent human beings who happen to be Christians.

    “In America noone have to be Christian but they do have to hear and consider His Word.” No, dear Christian, we do not. This is not a theocracy, no matter how hard you pray.

  3. Joseph Stans

    I have noticed, especially in the longer screeds that you can actually watch the IQ diminish as the person move along.

    Keeping that in mind it might be possible to develop some software to measure the relative decrease vs word count.

    I’m not a robot. (Worse luck!)

  4. Gunther

    I don’t know how these guys and gals manage to graduate from colleges with master degrees, Ph.D., medical degrees, science, math, engineering, and law degrees and yet act so stupid and dumb regarding their hateful comments. You wonder how they manage to earn a successful living with their intelligence (or lack of intelligence) whether in the public and/or private sector.

  5. Sailingsoul

    Nothing can bring out the fruitcake in someone like having a triple dose of delusional fantasy and being convinced it is reality. SS

  6. Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

    @Gunther It’s Nepotism. One of the things I wanted to bring forward in the Harper’s article Mikey helped to create called “Jesus Killed Mohammed” was that these theofascists on all fronts, corporate or military, protect their own through promotions, wealth, and power. It is shown in the fact my LT mentioned in the article was later promoted to Captain. I can tell you in concern with him is I don’t know why. He was the worst Platoon Leader I had had in the 8 years I served. The 7 Mountain’s Operation these types are running is a patient account of how they have in the past and will continue into the future to co-op and corrupt public and private institutions. I have met religious zealots of all stripes in and off the field of battle, and I have more respect for the Islamic Zealots than I do these ChristoFascists. At least the Islamic terrorist will meet you face to face in battle and not hide behind some of the most powerful militaries on the planet, and they are not just in the American military, to conduct their terroristic crusade.

    Though I be the lone survivor, I will never leave a tyrant unanswered, no matter their religion.

    Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey (Hon. Discharged)
    U.S. Army Infantry 1998-2005
    Samarra Iraq 2004-2005
    Purple Heart Recipient In a War of Dominionist Aggression
    B.A. Religion B.A. Philosophy W.K.U. 2011
    Patriot and Pagan

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