Air Force Finally Grounds Mikey Weinstein

Bravo Air Force! God does answer prayer. Mikey the bully finally got socked in the mouth by the Air Force he once served for! Could not have happened to a better man!
I am sure that Mikey will not give up that easily, he will probably try to sue the entire Air Force now and the secretary of the Air Force as well and may pull out the anti-Semitic card claiming that they did all this just because he is Jewish. 
Mikey, I told you that God is bigger than you and will not allow His name to be defamed for too long. Time to shut down the Foundation, you can always become a divorce lawyer, you would be good at that since you love manipulating and threatening people. Maybe Mikey will now go after the Army, Navy or Marine Corps now, but the Marines love to eat Air Force personnel for lunch so I would not
suggest that. 
Well, as the airman say at Tinker AFB, have a blessed day!


Well, hello (name withheld)! I’m glad to see you are still in apparently good health.  I do remain disappointed that you have elected to ignore our prior discussion without taking the time to respond to the questions and comments that I’d presented to you.  But I think I understand your reticence — not everyone has the capacity to engage in meaningful debate or discussion of more intellectual issues…. sometimes not even those who claim to be a “Reverend”.

Oh, and I wouldn’t presume too much about the article you read that quoted Ron Crews.  Like you, he has a vested interest in advancing a biased narrative.  But I can assure you that whenever the MRFF contacts any of the military branches, including the Air Force, with a legitimate concern it will not be ignored… because we remain on the side of the Constitution.
I wish you well in your snarky editorializing and avoiding of meaningful discussion.

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    May the Spirit of God but a gag order over Mikey Weinstein’s mouth so that no one in the military will listen to him again until he comes to faith in Jesus Christ his Messiah.

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    I just love that the Air Force finally has told Mikey to go stick it regarding all his unmerited demands that they adhere to whatever he “orders” them to do. He is one egotistical turkey butt for sure. He definitely now has his panties in a wad for sure over this and it looks like he is the pot calling the kettle black when he “claims” that Christians push the gospel down military personnel throats!

  3. Connie

    Yeshua warrior.

    Get your freaking religion out of my military. I and the MRFF follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    A person keeps their religion and faith inside when they put on a uniform because they represent not only them but me too. If a person can’t separate the two they have no business being in the service. Or to be very very clear, if you can’t understand that I, as a practicing witch and Viking shield maiden for my late husband, have the same rights as you, then you do not belong in public service.

    Stay close to home. Support your church. But I and the rest of humanity are on our way to learning how to live together, despite our differences.

    Blessings be and namaste.

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