… with the General. PERIOD! You people are destructive and divisive and out of your minds….My father is a WW II vet and has passed and he is rolling over in his grave at these atrocities of the left. GOD got him through WW II. GOD got our family through WW II and the depression. GOD is my co-pilot, and you are stoking flames here. STOP IT!

(name withheld)

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  1. Michael Rathbun

    Hello (name withheld),

    My father is also a WWII vet (Silver Star, North Africa) and at 96 has not quit kicked the bucket yet, for which we are all thankful.

    According to him, GOD did not get him through WWII (North Africa, Anzio, the stuff that happened after that). In no case did that apply to my family, or to me (362 days in Viet-Nam).

    We are not stoking flames, we are removing the inflammable material. The US Military should focus on the missions given to it, not promoting anybody’s personal religious opinions.

    So no, we won’t STOP IT any time soon.

    Michael Rathbun
    MRFF Volunteer, Viet-Nam veteran, descendant of the last man in England who was burned alive by the government for his religious opinions.

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