court martial of af general for speaking about God

When the revolution starts, I will personaly send all of you to God…..
(name withheld)

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  1. Jeff Burandt

    I have a question. What is the difference between a Christian and an Evangelical Christian? Try to not cite an examples because all have poor examples. Rather, define the differences. Thank you.

  2. Jeff Burandt

    Another simple question. How can a banner, aka a flag, be a religious symbol to anyone? Does the American flag represent a religion? If so, please fully define the religion it represents.

    Thank you.

  3. Mark Sebree

    Here is how a banner or flag can be a religious symbol. When the flag is explicitly designed to represent a religion, as opposed to a state or nation. There is a Christian flag, for example. Here is a link to a company that makes and sells them.

    Evangelical Christians tend to be more right-wing and pushier in their beliefs. They are more likely to try to actively convert others to their beliefs. In a military or other strongly hierarchical situation where the superior has a great deal of power over the subordinate, this results in stressful, untenable, and even dangerous situations for the subordinate if the subordinate is of a different religion or even denomination from the superior. I.e. if the subordinate is “not Christian enough” according to the superior or not a Christian at all and the subordinate does not want to change beliefs.

    Now, take a moment to think about the dangers inherent in the military, especially during a war where we are fighting guerrilla forces like we are now. Think about the power the superior has over the subordinate regarding mission and duty assignments. And reference what happened to Pat Tillman a decade ago.

  4. Mike

    Pat Tillman was executed because he was going to let everyone know about the heroin trade the us military is propping up. The naval officer responsible for the autopsy found muzzle burns indicating very close range execution, not friendly fire. Letters were uncovered that he wrote home to family talking about the scam that the war really is. May Jesus have mercy on him. I bet you believe building 7 came down because of the twin towers being struck by planes. Incredible… Ignorance is bliss or so they say.

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