FEATURED INBOX POSTING – My Husband and I Can’t Thank the MRFF Enough

Our two sons are in the US Army. One is a (rank withheld) with spec ops deployed in Afghanistan and the other is a (rank and MOS withheld) stationed at Fort (name withheld) in (state withheld). We are a Christian family-(Protestant denomination withheld)-and never would have expected the trouble our sons had with their ‘more Christian’ superiors. None of us ever saw this coming. We don’t know what we would have done without the MRFF and its resources. Never had run up against a ‘dominion’ Christian before what our sons had to deal with in separate but terrible incidents.
Within just 24 hours of contacting Mr. Mikey Weinstein (he actually answered his phone himself every time we called him for help and follow-up) our one son’s situation was fixed and it took just another 48 hours to take care of our other son’s predicament.
We don’t know what you did or how but this family loves you! God Speed and the love, protection and grace of Christ to all the MRFF.
Oh and my husband is a full time (Protestant denomination withheld) clergyman and pastor of our church here in (city and state withheld). So our children are all ‘PKs’ too.
Of course we have had to deal with typical ‘church politics’ and all but nothing like what our boys faced with their Army superiors/dominions trying to destroy them and their careers.
To Mikey and all the good shepherds at the MRFF, the (name withheld) family appreciates your hard work and the risks you all take and the self sacrifice.
We bought Bonnie Weinstein’s book and just a few minutes of reading it we were horrified.

(name, city and state withheld)

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  1. Farmer

    Well ….first, God Bless you all …. I’m retired military and God saved me from some horrific stuff. Let’s move on from that …. comments ?

  2. Farmer

    God saved me from some horrific stuff … despite Mikey

  3. Farmer

    My Husband and I Can’t Thank the MRFF Enough … trust in Mikey …. he’s not God, but might want to be …. maybe he can save your children …. maybe not. Weinstein is a Jewish name … not a Christian name …. so, does that give you a clue? God is in charge ….. war, pestilence, famine …. we are all in the cross hairs …. so, Mikey ….. grab hold of your manhood and enjoy the ride ….

  4. Farmer

    The Air Force has two goals … avoid confrontation and promote incompetence (and build a nice O’club) . Mikey wineskin THE Jewish hater of all things Christian is an example of a military officer whose loyalties and energies have strayed from the mission to his own ideology … this detracts from what he his paid to do in the service of his country. If Mikey can’t focus on his mission, then he needs to get a job that includes the statement “you want fries with that” … go mikey go

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