June 18, 2015 – MRFF Intervention Leads To Immediate Corrective Action Regarding Anti-Semitic Remarks Aimed At MRFF Client

On June 17, 2015 MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein was contacted by a family representative of a Jewish MRFF client who had received what was essentially an anti-Semitic death threat.  After threatening to kill his entire unit, a Senior NCO then pointed to MRFF’s Jewish client stating, “except for you, , instead we will plaster you with yellow stars, torture you and throw you in the gas chamber to die.”  Mr. Weinstein immediately contacted the Senior NCO’s chain of command demanding immediate corrective action.  On June 18, 2015, MRFF was informed that the Senior NCO would be immediately disciplined and receive appropriate counseling.

After achieving a satisfactory resolution to this issue, the family representative of the MRFF client informed MRFF by email that after making initial direct contact (by phone and personal visit) with U.S. Senatorial staff she knew very well on a professional level, it took over 24 hours before being contacted by the Senator’s military affairs staffer.  After emailing MRFF, the family representative expressed their sincere appreciation of not only receiving an immediate email reply, but also speaking directly with Mikey within 10 minutes of the request for assistance.  The family representative’s email to MRFF closes with the following observation:

“In less than 24 hours not only was the problem addressed but was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.  I do know if I had waited and gone through my Senator’s office it would have taken days or weeks instead of hours to have a resolution.  I have never seen anyone nor an organization jump into action as quickly and effectively has you do.”

MRFF’s Jewish client also expressed his appreciation directly to MRFF:

“I want to thank Mikey and every one at the MRFF for assisting me. I had not even heard of this foundation until Mikey reached out to me in my time of need going above and beyond by staying up late and working with me with a massive (time zone withheld) difference. This dedication helped ensure that my incident was quickly resolved and that I had a support I could count on and assist me with my incident.”

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  1. Robert J. Mendlein

    It’s unbelievable that we still have these types in position of power in the military. These comments fit right in with the hate mail Bonnie wrote about.

    BTW, Bonnie, about the time I ran out of feeling in your book, you switched gears to what the MRFF has done over their lifetime. Good call; I don’t think I could have dealt with any more hate, and I’m sorry you and your family have to.

    And like the above, I had a question about the group early on and I received an very quick response from, I think, your “second in command”. Job well done.


  2. Gunther

    Yeah, I can’t believe that we fought Nazism, Communism, and Fascism and it was all for nothing because we have our own form of fascism based on race, religion, gender, political, social, and economics. It is no wonder why the 1947 movies Crossfire and Gentlemen’s Agreement were such a good movies because it show you how the USA and other countries became so anti-Semitic very quickly after World War II and the memories of the concentration camps fades so quickly from the American conscience.

    That Sergeant Major was lucky he was not in the Vietnam War because he would have gotten fragged for his remarks.

  3. S. Massey

    Re: >> “except for you, , instead we will plaster you with yellow stars, torture you and throw you in the gas chamber to die.”<<

    Sick — if it were my call, he would have been dismissed from the AF.

  4. Gunther

    The guy is a Marine Corp Sergeant Major.not in the AF. He would not have only been dismissed but I would have court-martial him and thrown the book at him. He would have gotten prison time, a dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of a government pension and medical benefits.

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