DAILY CALLER – EXCLUSIVE: Jewish Military Activist Accuses Christian Critic Of Libel

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  1. G

    That Christian website who called Weinstein a Grinch should have applied that word to the Republican politicians and Newt Gingrich when they had shut down the government in 1995-1996 during the Christmas holiday.

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    OMGosh, are you serious, Mikey wants to sue someone for calling him The Grinch that Stole Christmas? This is not libel nor is it anti-Semitic? I would think a Jew would know what true anti-Semitism is? I bet I could ask all my Jewish and Messianic Jewish friends on FB if this is an anti-Semitic statement and I bet all would just laugh and say NO!

    If that is anti-Semitic, then Mikey better start suing the film companies that made the The Grinch that Stole Christmas movies, let’s remove these movies from Netflix and from library DVD racks because they are anti-Semitic. Sue Barnes and Nobles for selling the book, for now it is an anti-Semitic book full of hatred towards Jews!!! Oh no!

    Also, please, the writer of this article is pulling the Jew card?? Mikey is just one of those people who cannot wait to cry anti-Semitism at the slightest mention of the word Jew!!

    Mikey, it is time to let the past go, forgive those who called you Christ killer, and said anti-Semitic things to you!!

    Finally, praise God that a Liberty University professor was willing to call out Mikey about Operation Christmas Child.

    Every time Mikey gets his feelings hurt, his knee jerk response is SUE!! Time to get over yourself Mikey, you are the classic narcissist!

  3. G

    YM, corporations and wealthy people are the classic narcissists and need to get over their feeling being hurt and quit suing anyone and everyone who tries to reign them in for breaking the law.

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