AMERICANS UNITED – Faith And Football: The Air Force Academy Needs To Ground Religious Coercion

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    I don’t see a gun being held to the the head of the football players to pray! If players could be coerced that easily at a military academy, then they have no reason to be in the military.

  2. jimbo

    You’re finally right about one thing, they have no right to be in the military. They are in gross violation of an oath I would think they had to have take to join the military. There is no doubt as to the intent of the oath, gods don’t enter into it. Get honest or get out.

  3. G

    As usual YM, your reading comprehension is horrible. If cadets can be coerced to do something at the academy that is illegal and immoral, then how can you expect to stand up against illegal orders like torture and other illegal acts of war that will subject to a war crime trial?

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