Just another jewboy

Mickey WHINEsteen: just another pushy little jewboy with a law degree big mouth and a chip on his shylock shoulder against Jesus Christ helping our military. So typical of his breed. Ungrateful the whole lot of them. Ho hum-boring.

GO Air Force Falcons football team! GO Tim Tebow! Go Jesus!

And YOU GO to your place in hell jewboy mickey. We will rejoice as you roast forever aflame.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld)

Last time I checked Jesus was Jewish.  It’s his followers who aren’t. … In more ways than one.

With best wishes,
(name withheld)

Sent from my iPhone Please excuse typos.
“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. “
(name withheld)

Hi Stupid,

Using a fake address is what most cowards do so they won’t have to face the consequences of their bigotry, but in the hope this will get to you I want you to know your message is the best example I’ve seen in a long time of the kind of knuckle-dragging, bully boy, low-life, brain-dead gutlessness that gives this country a bad name. I trust it makes you proud to sound like a Nazi while pretending to represent Jesus, but we’re on to you. People understand the need very, very small men – and yes, I’m  talking about exactly what you fear I’m talking about – have to compensate for their lack of… shall I say manliness?… by pretending to be tough guys. Sorry, chump, but it doesn’t work here. Take your pathetic bluster and stuff it. Better yet, go to church and pray to Jesus for the courage to grow up.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


Dear Clueless Football Fan,


I want to use another word that started with an “f”, but somehow I was able to restrain myself.


I’m sorry your brain is so small as to not understand the problem.  However, being a rational being and a non-christian myself, I totally get it.


I feel sorry for those kids on the football team who take a knee because they don’t want to look like a schmuck by not participating.  Boy, that’s a real team building experience.  Probably why the team couldn’t beat Navy, New Mexico or San Diego State.  Did any of those teams publically pray before the game?  Hmm – maybe their god is more powerful than your god.


Obviously, your god didn’t give you much of a brain as you really have responded in such a childish way.


What really ticks me off is a-holes like you and the USAFA football team leaders trying to turn my alma mater into a madrassa for your bronze age religion.


Go back to your sandbox and don’t come out until you grow up.


Signed, class of 77 grad and proud classmate of Mikey Weinstein



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1 Comment

  1. delaneyhi

    All you have accomplished in your response is to expose yourself as a religious bigot. Since you said “Go Jesus” I will assume your are a Christian. Then how do you reconcile your bigoted remarks when Mathew 5:44 says “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”? If you were true to your presumed faith, you should being praying for Mr. Weinstein, not rejoicing over the prospect that he “roast forever aflame”.

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