MRFF’s INBOX – Marines’ Christmas Wish to the MRFF

 To all of the people who work at the MRFF,
 Merry Christmas wishes and a big thank you from the Marines in my unit here at Camp (USMC installation name withheld).

  We all owe the MRFF BIGTIME!

  We had some bad problems recently with our immediate leadership “sharing the gospel” during mandatory training exercises here.
(Camp-Name Withheld/MRFF rep’s name withheld) was able to resolve the issues with Mr. Weinstein helping him and we don’t think it will happen again. (USMC Officer’s name, rank, MOS and title withheld) spoke twice with Mr. Weinstein and serious stuff started to go down fast after that.

  Or if it does happen more we know where to go.

   I am Baptist myself but was upset by what our leadership was taking advantage of to preach about the “need to be saved” and everything where us who are junior in rank can’t do anything but shut up and look like we’re listening. And look like we’re happy to listen and all. This is not a Marine mission.

   Our (senior USMC NCO position title and MOS withheld) actually ordered me and my homie (USMC rank and name withheld) not to contact the MRFF person here at Camp (USMC installation name withheld) about this. He said if we didn’t like to hear about the the “truth” of the bible we was just “f’ing faggots” and he was going to jack us up. He never got the chance because of you all at the MRFF.

   Anyways we are very thankful for the MRFF fixing this mess-up.

   If my wife and me had any extra money we would send it to the MRFF but we’ve tapped out bying Christmas presents for the kids. I’m going to ask my mom and dad to send some to you maybe.

   When I get out of the Corps I would love to work with the MRFF if that can happen. What could a guy like me help with?  I’ll do any job you ask. I am motivated!

   Merry Christmas to the MRFF and thank you all for what you all do.

     The Marines here in my unit are all thinking a lot about the MRFF after this and we know you had our backs. That is rule number one for Marines. No Marine is  ever left behind.

    Please don’t use my name and stuff cause I don’t need anymore crap from leadership. If it comes down I will call the MRFF for help again as we all would do now. Some day maybe I can help other Marines if I am good enough to join the MRFF!

   V/R and Semper Fi,

    (USMC enlisted member’s name, rank, MOS and unit all withheld)

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  1. John Trester

    Excellent work, people. I love you all.

  2. Didi

    No names. How do you even know this is real?

  3. Connie


    MRFF never posts names – even when it would be nice to have a focus when the letter writer is unusually hateful or full of stupidity.

    How do I know the letter (and by extension) the MRFF is real? I guess that is the ultimate question, isn’t it? How do we know anything is real or exists?

    Careful the questions you ask because you might get an answer you neither want nor expect. 🙂

  4. G

    Didi, MRFF doesn’t post names of the people, because it would subject them retaliation by their superiors. Would you want to be denied a promotion, a coveted assignment, a medal, be able to transfer to a better military occupation or a base, or make the military a career because you dare to stand up to people who would shove down their religion on you?

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