NEW MRFF TRIUMPH – “Thank you for putting a stop to the Altar Call”

From: (Active Duty USAF Enlisted Member’s E-Mail Address Withheld)
Subject: Thank you for putting a stop to the Altar call*
Date: February 17, 2016 at 4:38:18 PM MST 


My name is (name, rank withheld) and I am a (AFSC/job description withheld) in the active duty US Air Force stationed at (USAF base name withheld).

On behalf of pretty much most of the members of my (USAF unit designation withheld) wanted to thank you for helping stop this stupid thing called a “Altar Call” at our bases’ National prayer luncheon event the other day. Our (supervisor’s name rank and AFSC withheld) was in charge of it along with Chaplin (name and rank withheld). And they said they got the ok from our commander’s chain to have what’s called a ‘Altar Call’ at our base’s prayer luncheon where they already had a very well known evangelical speaker as the main speaker anyway. This Altar Call would have those attending be told to come forward in front of the whole national prayer luncheon and be saved by accepting Christ. YGTBSM? You know we’re all in uniform too right? We’re supposed the Air Force war fighters not the AF church.

Our whole shop was against this but didn’t want to engage the chain of command who already approved it. They would have our burned asses for objecting if they know who we are. My buddy (name, rank withheld) suggested we call the MRFF which we did. Our local base MRFF rep’s wife knows the wife of one of our other guys in our (USAF unit designation withheld). The MRFF rep called Mr. Mikey Weinstein right fast and we don’t know what Mr. Weinstein did but the next day our (USAF unit designation name withheld) (senior USAF NCO AFSC/job description withheld) announced to everyone that the planned Altar Call was now cancelled. You could have hear a pin drop. He said he was very disappointed in us all that we all didn’t go up the chain. How easy for him to say as he also supported this stupid Altar Call idea. Plus he outranks all of us.

Also I am a Christian and all of us who asked for the MRFF’s help are Christian too except for (name, rank withheld) who is Jewish and (name, rank withheld) who is nothing. It’s not about our religions it’s about some guys with rank trying to force there’s down our throats at the prayer luncheon. Why didn’t someone stop this first?

thank you to (MRFF base representative’s name and rank withheld) and to Mr. Weinstein and the whole MRFF for helping us out of this mess


(USAF airman’s name, rank, AFSC, unit and military base name all withheld)

*text slightly edited by MRFF to ONLY correct 2 typos – ‘alter’, and ‘puttaing a stop’

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  1. Joe Odom

    It is thank you letters like this that prove time and time again that our support dollars to the MRFF are not wasted or in vain.

  2. Dave H

    The very concept of a National Prayer meal function at military bases throughout the world has always been repugnant to me. It has been an annual feature for many years now, but perhaps MRFF can make headway with DoD in completely eliminating it. I can just imagine if non-religious individuals tried to organize a DoD-wide function for the like-minded how utterly futile that would be.

  3. G

    Another bunch of evangelists goes ashes to ashes, dust to dust!!!

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